STEPBROTHER, MINE #3                            OPAL CAREW

Stepbrother, Mine #3 by Opal CarewUnable to let Dana slip away again, Mason bids on the one thing he's always wanted--even if it is completely forbidden. He's fantasied about having Dana to himself for years, touching her smooth skin, tasting her sweet lips. But Dana is off-limits...or is she? All it takes is just one kiss to find out... 

     Well, If you are looking for straight erotica book three is the one for you.  The other two well not so much.  This really started to feel dark at the beginning due to the way book two ended.  I really came into it with an open mind though and this one picked up.  Good thing I read book one and two because I think I would have been lost.
     But the plot overall not that hard.  Dana in love with the man who was her stepbrother for two whole years.  She was 16 at the time to 18.  Mason on the other hand was 10 years older.  Although they were both crushing on each other neither acted on it, or at least not until Dana was 18 and she is the one who acted first.
     You see Dana’s mom was married to Mason’s much older kinky father who was boinking his maid Maria at the same time he was married.  So, Mason knowing his dad’s kinky side decided to move into the mansion to protect Dana from him.  As it turned out when he moved back in while his father and Dana’s mother were on their honeymoon, Dana had been moved into the house and had been living there alone and afraid, with only the servants.
He could tell she hated it too.
     So from that day on he worked from home most days or he at least had breakfast with her before she went to school. He tried to be home when she got home from school.  They ate as a family of two.  He took her on outings they watched movies and he comforted her.  At 18 she was ready to give herself to him so when she comes down to get ready to go when her date arrived for the prom and their eyes locked…
     Dana jumped up hugged him around the neck and French kissed him of which he reciprocated holding her so tight she could feel his member.  He pushes her away when the doorbell rings coming to his senses.  He greets her date and he practically throws her into her dates arms.  To her stun hurt eyes.  She leaves with her date.  Mason is so upset he goes to his office to think because he wanted Dana as much as Dana wanted him.  Maria the maid offers to relieve the pressure in his member and after a few drinks and pain he says okay.
     She says she likes role playing of being forced and her denial.  At that point he didn’t care he had to get the pressure and freak-out over with.  Little did he know Dana had played sick and doubled back, she wanted to tell him how she felt and that she loved him and wanted to be with him.
     Jump forward 9 years.  Dana’s father dies her mom is in charge of paying for her college.  She wants to do her masters in Paris.  She had a month left in this year and her mom said no more.  She was not paying any more for her to get a job.  So she talks to her BFF.  Now she sold her virginity and guess who bought it?  Mason that’s who!  The thing is he tried to send her packing with the money out right.  No intercourse involved.  She said no because he didn’t know it she had always dreamt of being with him.  Her first time even up until the night before going to the buyer.  Not knowing the person who bought it was him.

     So, now he has to scare her and tell the truth he’s into BDSM!  She says she will be his Sub just teach her.  Can he do it will she be able to take it?  Will it turn out the way they both dreamed of it being?  It got better at the end.  I wrapped it up at the end a good thing or it would have been a lower score like book two.  I give this book 4 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at:

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