Diamond Duplicity (Jewels of Desire, #1)Passion hotter than stolen diamonds

Lucy Matthews can’t believe her crazy luck. While she’s on a date with Mr. Wrong, her evening tilts from merely unfortunate to downright surreal when his attempt to sneak them into a club lands them in the middle of a diamond heist.

When gorgeous Max Callaghan discovers a hot and disheveled Lucy clutching his bag of diamonds at the crime scene, he brands her with a fiery kiss. His gang wants her dead, so Max rescues her by claiming her as his girlfriend. Lucy soon realizes with sudden, pulse-pounding clarity that she needs Max for another reason entirely, but their passionate ruse might not survive the intense pressure of a high-stakes mob war.


This book is a short read and though I don’t believe that in real life anything like this story would take place. I do think that the beginning of the story when Lucy Matthews who is on a date and then the whole chase scene and her boyfriend is not the type of guy she was expecting. That part I could see and was funny and was the beginning of the story that lead her to be holding a bag of diamonds. Turns out the men that she thought were the police were not and she is caught up into a night of unexpected events that even I cannot imagine happening all in one night and then after everything she be happy with the guy that started it all Max Callaghan. But as I said it is a story and a fast read and it was fun. Overall not bad. I got this book from net galley.  I give this 3 stars.

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