Love takes aim and fires...
On the cusp of closing a multi-billion dollar deal, Dodge Loving can't afford for anything go wrong at his ultra-exclusive luxury resort, where privacy isn't just promised it's guaranteed. So when he finds paparazzi hiding in the bushes, he'll do anything to get rid of them-even if it means firing their target: the sexy, stuck up bookworm his mom hired.
Harper Conner just wants to be left alone to catalog the resort's rare cowboy diaries. But after slapping her cheating senator ex-husband during a televised press conference-she's a hot commodity for the tabloids.
Alone for the first time, without the protection of her political dynasty of a family, she can't afford to get fired-especially by the Type-A jerk who runs the place. And she definitely should never have kissed him. Now Harper has two choices: get outta Dodge...or fall in love with him.

     Harper Connor had been born to be in the eye of the public.  Nothing ever done if not really for the public.  Even things like her birthdays were staged.  So, after she finds out her husband cheated she had told him she would agree to be on stage with him as he told the public he was sorry for what he had done, his affairs. But after she wanted no questions for her, no grandstanding, and a quick divorce.  He called her bluff and got down on one knee to ask her forgiveness.  When she specifically said no spotlighting her.  So, when she looked down at him she “cold cocked him!”
     She left Washington D.C. to work somewhere else.  And then she was approached to work for someone privately.  It couldn’t have come at a better time since it was on a secluded ranch for the rich and famous.  She wouldn’t be hounded by the press.  She could hide out do a job she loved and when the job was over in two weeks the press would be on to another blood in the water story.  Well, not even twenty four hours on the job.  When Dodge Loving plays Alpha Male and proceeds to tell her that she was “Fired!” 
     Dodge didn’t know who she was or who he was messing with.  She had just lived through the worst experience of her life that played out in the press.  With the way she grew up that was just not allowed as her mother even at her again was called and lectured about.  She was not going to lay down and take orders from whoever he was or thought he was.  He didn’t hire her so he was not firing her.  She got that with the paparazzi the he didn’t want her around because he had just told her he found one on the grounds looking for her.  That wasn’t the reason he was firing her the real reason was he had plans for the resort and revenge for his grandfather, Jonathon Kerry. 
     You see Kerry disowned his mother who is white for falling in love and marrying his father who is who is black, all because the shade of his skin.  He would pay for making such a harsh decision that had to have hurt his mom. 
    At what expense would this revenge cost him in the long run?  Will all the wealth taste good at the end if he had no one to share it with.  His mother’s seed she planted about the Universe having brought Harper for him and he needed to open his eyes and his heart before he lost his chance to find true happiness or End up just like his grandfather.  Filled with hate, alone, and unloving.  And Harper she was unlike anyone he’d ever known—equal parts intriguing, alluring, and mystifying. 
     I loved this book.  Couldn’t put it down!  I give this 5 stars.
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