Game For Love: Game On


In the game for love, only the winners walk away with their hearts intact… 

Trent O’Shea is a superstar athlete on the football field, but for one week each year he escapes into anonymity at an exclusive resort in the Florida Keys that caters to the rich and famous. Armed with a fake identity, he’s happy to sit by the pool and do nothing except enjoy some breathtaking scenery—and maybe ask her if she needs help putting sunscreen on her back.

Laurel Burnett never met a bad boy she couldn’t catch. Cheating spouses. Deadbeat dads. Scammers. Once the determined PI sets her sights on them they all fall, and the next alleged perpetrator in her crosshairs is none other than the San Francisco Outlaws’ Trent O’Shea. The super-sexy linebacker who Laurel’s client hired her to track will be her biggest trophy yet. She’ll do anything to bring him down, even follow him to a resort paradise and use herself as bait.

But things aren’t always as they appear and Trent and Laurel both learn that sometimes even perfectly planned plays can go wrong when love and lust are involved. Then it’s game on!

A contemporary “mistaken identity” romance trope featuring a rich, alpha hero athlete who also happens to be a Texas cowboy, and the private investigator heroine determined to catch him.
My Review:
     Laurel Barnett is a private investigator.  She normally does the typical cheating husband cases.  This case though would be a little harder due to the timing.  You see the person she will be hunting and getting info from is Trent O’Shea.
     A woman Becky came in saying that Trent got her pregnant and then left after that one night stand.  She said the man told her she was Trent O’Shea the football linebacker in San Francisco.  That he was injured and had put on a little weight.  That’s why his pictures on the net look different.  Plus they were a little old the team hadn’t updated in a while.
     He took her to dinner where she saw the credit card he had.  It said Trent O’Shea so she had no reason not to believe him.  That night she did notice a skull and crossbones on his chest and he had brown eyes when Laurel asked how tall he was she said she’s 5’6” and he was 3-4 inches taller.
     So Laurel started her hunt she went on the internet.  To figure out where he was putting alerts for any news of him.  She got one for the airport.  Miami she checked flight schedules leaving at that time Miami was one of them.  Her gut told her he was going back to the scene of the crime.  But really a guy with his money going to a $98.00 a night motel.  So, she checked there first nothing.  Started calling hotels.
     The next day she gets an alert from Facebook he was spotted buying baby clothes for his teammate, Cole’s new baby girl.  She called the store that the girl that posted worked at.  Asked all types of fangirl questions found out he was staying at Little Palms at $1000.00 an night.  So she sneaks in playing she’s a guest sunbathing…
     At this point it takes off.  Laurel finds the man but is he the right man for her…investigation?
     Very cute story but felt stunted in places. Could have used more funny experiences to bring it along better.  Overall good.  I give this 4 stars.  Provided by

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