HERE HE COMES AGAIN                           MELISSA SHIRLEY

Here He Comes Again by Melissa ShirleyWelcome to Storybook Lake, where dreams come true.

Not all fairy tales have a happy ending. Jocelyn learned that the hard way, when she married her high school sweetheart Keaton Shaw—only to have him break her heart.

But that was a long time ago. The papers were signed, the divorce finalized, and Jocelyn is no longer a little girl with her head in the clouds. That’s why no one in Storybook can believe it when Keaton, the All-American dream boy, walks into Jocelyn’s bakery, looking as sweet as one of her frosted cupcakes, and demanding a second chance with the woman he still calls his wife.
     Can love really fix everything?  That was the question Jocelyn Shaw was facing when her ex-husband walked back into her life.  It may have gone a whole lot better for him if her twin brother, Simon the Chief of Police, had not gone along with his best friend and her ex to surprise her for her birthday.
     You see Keaton Shaw came up with the plan to wake her up at 3:30 a.m. telling her he needed her to bail him out of jail.  Banking on the love she still had for him, in spite of the divorce.  She shows up and as he’s explaining her brother comes up behind her to the cell area with a beautiful cake she had labored for several hours decorating at the bakery she owns.  Putting a huge price on it so she could share it with her twin later.  When they both yell surprise!
     Unfortunately, they did not get the reaction they had hope for.  Especially when she turned around to see Keaton out of the cell that wasn’t locked at all.  She shoves the cake at her brother calls them both a few choice names and leaves out the building.  Keaton follows her trying to explain.  But she turns on him.  She says I have to be to work at the bakery early and you wake me from a dead sleep.  Then you lie to me again.  She gets in her car and drives out like a bat out of hell.
     She is pissed because her brother had always taken Keaton’s side.  He never knew how the family loyalty thing worked.  Keaton may have been his best friend but she was his sister.  Twin at that.  If she just hadn’t fell for him way back when and believed he would love her forever.  But seeing him lip locked with the woman she hated since kindergarten on their anniversary just about did her in.  At that moment her broke her but when she was ready to roll again she was pissed and she was up and running.  Still loved him but couldn’t waste time on a man who betrayed her.
     See if they can mend old wounds.  Ride the wild ride this author takes you on.  It’s worth it.  It’s emotional in the way that it’s more real than not but oh so funny.  I give this 5 stars.
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