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I saw this story a little while watching the Notre Dame vs Virginia football. It was about Jacob Rainey, who at one time was a top recruit at quarterback but then a freak play afterwards required them to amputate his leg above the knee. He did come back for his senior year and play quarterback but all of the schools that offered him a scholarship pulled the offer, but one Virginia. He does not take the field as a player but he is listed as student – coach. He of course wants to get out there and compete like everyone else and this keeps him close to the game he enjoys and gives him the time to still workout and learn. He leads quarterbacks through drills, edits films, compiles scouting reports and entertains recruits. They say there have been stories about him on ESPN but I never saw them and I thought that this was a good one about the young man and also about the head coach of Virginia, coach London.



  1. well what a crazy first week of pro football. with some surprises and of course injuries. still glad the real season has gotten under way. now after a few weeks we can see who are the real teams this year.

  2. I tell you that Notre Dame game vs Virginia was a really good game. not expecting ND quarterback to be gone for the rest of the year but the replacement made one heck of a throw when he needed to. surprised me like i am sure everyone else.

  3. in baseball with the season starting to wind down i am surprised that Texas is now in first place in the west and that Houston has fallen off. Also it looks like the Cubs might over take the Pirates for the top wildcard spot. so there are still alot of races to be settled.

  4. well basketball workouts are getting started and today they gave Kobe the approval to work out. See if he can stay healty for a whole season now. it is especially difficult once you get hurt and then again.

  5. Speaking of basketball Moses Malone passed away, and though he is always remembered as a 76er, he started in the ABA out of high school with the Utau Stars then Spirits of St. Louis the next year. After that with the NBA Buffalo, Houston, Philly, Washington, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Philly, then San Antonio. NBA Champion 83, & MVP. Season MVP 79, 82, 83. His number 24 is retired by Houston. I still remember him with the 76er's and that 83 team. He is still the only player to win the season MVP back to back years on two different teams, Houston and then Philly. Look him up if you never saw him play.


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