TOTALLY DEAD                                      MICHAEL STONE

Totally Dead (Streeter, #4)Bounty hunter Streeter is a string of ex’s… ex-linebacker, ex-accountant, ex-bouncer, and a four-time ex-husband … who excels at exacting justice with explosive results.

"Tough, authentic, and right on the money." Robert B. Parker

Pizzeria owner Alphonse Lucci is a pussycat who likes to pretend that he’s as tough and deadly as the mobsters he romanticizes. But Streeter really is. So when a greedy, ruthless bad-ass tries to strong-arm Alphonse into selling his restaurant to nail down the last piece in a crooked land deal, Streeter steps in to protect the likeable old man…and gets sucked into a deadly scheme that could leave them both totally, and very gruesomely, dead.

First time reading this author and overall this was a good story. Alphonse Lucci, comes to Streeter with a problem about a pizzeria that he owns and does not want to sell. But this man named “D” is trying to force him into selling. Streeter is hired after him and his partner get Alphonse grandson Nicky out of trouble and figures that they could help him as well. They do help but it is all of the other characters around these people that make the story work and make for what should be serious is sometimes not when you have a guy that is hired by “D” to do some of the dirty work but is quoting sayings from positive thinking tapes in order to complete the job and still fail to complete the job, but stills quotes the positive sayings which drives the people around him nuts. Overall a good story and I liked the characters. I got this book from net galley.  I give this 4 stars.

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