When It Was Just a Game: Remembering the First Super BowlWritten by acclaimed sports author and oral historian Harvey Frommer and with an introduction by pro football Hall of Famer Frank Gifford, When It Was Just a Game tells the fascinating story of the ground-breaking AFL–NFL World Championship Football game played on January 15, 1967: Packers vs. Chiefs. Filled with new insights, containing commentary from the recently discovered unpublished memoir of Kansas City Chiefs coach Hank Stram, and featuring oral history from many who were at the game—media, players, coaches, fans—the book presents back story and front story in the words of those who lived it and saw it go on to become the Super Bowl, the greatest sports attraction the world has ever known. Archival photographs and drawings help bring the event to life. 

This was an interesting book in that it was mostly taken from interviews and though it was good being a fan of football and of the Packers, I really only found out a few things from this book that I did not know from reading other books. One that on an average the Chief players were bigger than most of the Packers and of course much younger. This was an advantage but also a problem for them in that the much more experience Packers were able to take advantage of mistakes that were made by the Chiefs and the Packers as the Chief players mention played flawless and were mechanically sound. Some of the Packers players mentioned that they noticed watching film that because of their size the Chiefs made fundamental mistakes and were able to get away with it because they could overpower their opponents, not with the Packers who took advantage of those and found their weakness and was able to win the game. There is also a small back story in how the two leagues formed and for me that was a good part. Also that the Chiefs were just as happy as the Jets when they won Super Bowl III and the Chiefs would be back and win Super Bowl IV. Overall not a bad book especially the stories from the players, wives, children, and announcers. Overall a good book.I got this book from net galley.  I give this 4 stars

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