DARING DYLAN                                     JACIE FLOYD

Daring Dylan by Jacie FloydIn Book Two of The Billionaire Brotherhood, Dylan Bradford’s arrival in East Langden, Maine, shakes up the quaint seaside town. The daredevil son of a wealthy political family indicates that he plans to renovate a recently inherited property. Dylan’s true purpose is to determine the heritage of a local man claiming to be his half-brother. 

Reeling from a break-up with her unfaithful fiancĂ©, pediatrician Gracie O’Donnell returns home to help her grandparents open their B&B for the summer. As luck would have it, she’s the first person in town to encounter the charismatic Bradford family heir. Despite her fascination with the charming playboy, the sensible doctor is wary of his plan to discredit her best friend’s claim. Gracie’s lifelong loyalties and principles are tested by her desire for the billionaire bachelor.

Believing they can ignore their attraction to one another, Dylan and Gracie set their differences aside to determine the truth about Dylan’s family. While exposing deadly secrets and a decades-old scandal, the couple manage to evade danger and dare to fall in love.
     Dylan Bradford was at a point in his life where pain and tragedy were what led him through his life.  Also the reason he and his best friends formed “The Brotherhood.”  These were guys of money and power but knew heartache all too well and figured that no matter what they would be there for each other even though Wyatt was the unknown to Ryan and Dylan since the two of them went to highschool together.  He just fit in with their sense of self and those around them.
     They, because they could, became the boys of the extreme.  Extreme sports extreme women, and extreme work and travel.  But for Dylan his mother’s death brings him to a new understanding of something that might just be missing, love and family.  It was what his father and mother had before his father awful death.  It’s what his sister Faith and her husband have now.  Home and family is something to think about hard were his passing thoughts.
     That thought though is short lived at the end of the meeting with their mother’s lawyer.  Stating that his mother knew and discouraged years ago the allegations that their father had fathered an illegitimate child.   She wanted to make sure they preserved their father’s good name.  So now Dylan was on his way to the cabin to investigate this for himself.  It’s raining when on the last leg of his journey his GPS goes haywire and he is stopped by someone in the road.  It turns out to be Dr. Gracie O’Donnell and she looks like a drowned rat.  She asks for a ride to “The Liberty House” her grandparents B & B.  He says yes but not right away, but for directions to his family’s cabin.
     Right then she knows why he’s there.  You see she is good friends with Dr. Clayton Harris.  He is the one that is claiming to be the child of Lana and Dylan’s father.  He asks off the cuff if she knows Clayton.  She says yes she knows Dr. Harris.  He had no clue about him being a doctor.  She said that the man that raised him after Lana disappeared was her stepfather.  His investigation just got more interesting.  Although Gracie thought he was sexier than hell all the tabloids told of all his escapades.  She gives directions but also states off the cuff yeah may not be up to your standards.
     Sure enough 20 minutes or so minutes later he’s back begging for a room.  She says no that they are not open for business yet.  Then her grandmother comes to the door and invites him in for homemade clam chowder.  He ends up at the motel for only one night then begs and barters his way into staying for the week before the place opens up even helping with the painting.  Which don’t forget he’s rich and never done anything for himself.  Gracie starts having an effect on him of which he can’t place the feeling.
     Come and see this relationship of friendship and maybe more evolve.  Gracie fears being left behind, Dylan fears love as a whole and being trapped or failing, and then you have the whole mystery of who is Clayton’s father and who killed or did she just vanish?  Not to mention who tried to kill Dylan and almost killed Gracie too?  Will Dylan stand for it regardless of who it is?  Will Clayton ever find love?  I give this 5 stars.  There was so much going on but this author was so able to keep all the balls in the air and not make you feel cheated in any way.  Provided by netgalley.com.
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