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You would think that the NFL would want to try to increase any type of good P.R. WRONG!  Deangelo Williams of the Pittsburgh Steelers request to continue to wear pink for the remaining part of the season, since his mother died of BREAST CANCER in 2014.  He wanted to continue to raise awareness outside of the Month of October.  “He said it is not just October for me it’s a lifestyle.  It’s about getting women to recognize to get tested.”  The league said that there are no exceptions to the uniform policy.  What a load of shit!  Here the league will allow drunk drivers, abusers, assaulters, and every other law breakers play but when a young man wants to do something GOOD?  The NFL says, “NO!”  Talk about being out of touch.  Williams (Not the NFL but Williams) is also paying for 53 women who cannot afford mammograms to be tested, 53 is the age of his mother when she passed away.  I know she is very proud of her son.  The NFL should be ashamed of themselves, but they are not what a damn shame.


  1. The baseball playoffs have been exciting so far. I was happy to see the Cubs win and not knowing that they never won a clinching series in Wrigley before is a little extra special. I have to say it would be nice to see them win the whole thing this year. But i do think they are going to be around for awhile. THey are young and very talented. Kansas City is the same and their bullpen is lights out. So we should have some good games.

  2. Really surprised that the Dolphins already fired their head football coach and defensive coordinator. Thought they would be doing better like everyone else thought as well. maybe signing those free agents was not the right move after all?

  3. Looks like Detroit is going to be the next team that could lose their coach they did not look good at all this past weekend. I thought the team would do much better this year but it seems to have gotten worse and Stafford is having a bad year as well.

  4. Things went real south for USC and who knows when they are going to get back on track. Now that the coaching situation is up in the air and overall from the very beginning of the first incident this whole thing was not handle good.

  5. I think a few years ago when USC made ED Orgeron their interterm head football coach and he had a good remaining season, they made a mistake by not giving him the job full time. They wanted a big name guy and went for Sarkisian who was the head coach at Washington. noe Orgeron is the Defensive line coach for LSU and who knows if he would leave for a head coaching job now.

  6. Well the Mets are up 1 run in the bottom of the 8th. New Orleans is up 10 points on Atlanta and driving again. And Stanford is up 7-0 on UCLA on an interception run back for a TD.


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