ALL I NEED IS YOU                              WENDY S. MARCUS

All I Need Is You by Wendy S. MarcusAs a dancer who creates mesmerizing visions onstage, Neve James is looking for the same kind of stability in her love life. Her pen pal, Rory McRoy, is on leave from deployment in Afghanistan, so she heads to Boston to surprise him. After corresponding for months as part of a “Support Our Troops” initiative—and exchanging dozens of “Read When You’re Alone” letters—Neve knows what Rory likes, and she intends to fulfill his every fantasy. But all they get are a few blissful moments together before they’re interrupted by a woman claiming to be Rory’s fiancĂ©e.

Rory has fallen hard for Neve’s letters. When he finally meets her in person, he has to have her, right then and there—until Neve takes off in a fit of anger. Forced to return to Afghanistan before he can fix things between them, Rory waits four agonizing months to prove that he’s not the man Neve thinks he is. But by the time he arrives in New York, she’s already made up her mind. Luckily, Rory never backs down from a challenge, and he’s prepared to put everything on the line for love.
     Neve James and Rory Mc Roy meet under unusual circumstances.  You see Neve decided that since it was soon to be winter and in New York that’s cold and she had no boyfriend or dates on the horizon that she would write to a serviceman.  She made it perfectly clear during the first letter she was unattached and wanted to know if he was because if he chose to get sexually explicit letters for a thrill and to keep boredom away she wanted to know if he was attached.  She told him because if she had a boyfriend serving she wouldn’t want him to have a sexual pen pal.
     Rory assured her he was not seeing anyone.  That he was very honest in this regard.  Because he would never want to hurt any woman like that.  After several months of writing one another Neve finds out he will be coming home to Boston on leave.  He is so excited in every way but sexually especially.  He takes her into the storage room for some sexy R&R. 
     When they are interrupted by a misguided 18 year old family friend.  You see his mother had bought this girl a ring for her 13th birthday just before Rory entered the service.  Somehow she thought that it meant that they were engaged.  So Neve was beyond angry and wouldn’t listen and this crazy girl wouldn’t shut-up.  He was losing ground.  So, as she was trying to leave grabbed onto her arm and she said to let go.  He said he didn’t want to if it meant she wouldn’t listen to him about what was going on.  Crazy girl says, “Let her go you got me.  Neve says, “Yeah you got her!”  Since she didn’t like being told what to do by someone trying to make her do something she didn’t want to do which was stay in the storage room and talk it out.  She did what her brother the cop taught her to do. One fast jab to the throat.  As he gasped for air she kicked him in the jewels, hard, stepping away as he fell to the ground with a thud.
     This hurt Neve right down to her marrow.  It had It had happened again.  She thought for sure Rory was the one.  The good guy.  She told him things she didn’t even tell her best friend.  How could her instincts be so off?  As she ran to her car with tears running down her cheek she got to her car and got the hell out of Boston.
     Before Rory could fix it he was called back from his leave early and was gone 4 months.  In all that time Neve would not take his calls, text, emails, or anything at all.  All letters were returned unopened.  He was beyond himself.  He was determined that when he got out he would go straight to her.  When he gets to her she collapses in his arms as her brother is right there.  They rush her to the hospital…
     Can they mend this relationship?  Can Rory get Neve to believe him?  Does she think Rory only wanted to use her and marry the good girl?  Although I enjoyed the moments of emotional drama of which there were several.  It was the times in between that seemed to lag.  Rory at times seemed whipped to me.  I could figure out why he was so passive.   I give this 4 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at:

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