Deadly Lullaby: A ThrillerFresh off a nine-year stint in San Quentin, career hitman Babe Crucci plans to finally go straight and enjoy all life has to offer—after he pulls one or two more jobs to shore up his retirement fund. More than anything, Babe is dead set on making up for lost time with his estranged son, Leo, who just so happens to be a rising star in the LAPD.
The road to reconciliation starts with tickets to a Dodgers game. But first, Leo needs a little help settling a beef over some gambling debts owed to a local mobster. This kind of thing is child’s play for Babe–until a sudden twist in the negotiations leads to a string of corpses and a titanic power shift in gangland politics. With the sins of his father piling up and dragging him down, Leo throws himself into the investigation of a young prostitute’s murder, a case that makes him some unlikely friends—and some brutally unpredictable enemies.
Caught up in a clash of crime lords, weaving past thugs with flamethrowers who expend lives like pocket change, Babe and Leo have one last chance to face the ghosts of their past—if they want to live long enough to see their future.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was fast paced and the characters and story line made for a quick read as well. It starts off with Babe Currci getting out of San Quentin after doing a nine years. Meeting with his son who now works for the LAPD as a detective, Babe wants to try to make up for lost time with Leo, and throughout the book wants to take him to a Dodger game. But for Babe there is more to him than meets the eye and though he says he is retired is he really? Leo needs help with getting out from under a gambling debt, so Babe goes with him and when they walk out the debt no longer is a problem, but Leo does not like the way Babe took care of the debt. To Babe that was the only way because you don’t mess with his son or friends. One thing is for sure they are not going to the ball game any time soon. What does happen is in a matter of a few days of his release bodies and criminals are either turning up dead or missing. The brass for LAPD believe that Leo ‘s father is the reason for this and when two more show up in a burnt car, though not his signature they feel that it must be related to Babe somehow. Leo feels pressure from his boss and from his past that he has been avoiding with his father and though Babe wants to talk about it Leo keeps putting it off. This all comes to a head at the end for a very dramatic ending, but I would not have it any other way. Read the book and see if they make it to the ball game or not. A great book, with good characters and a story that keeps going all the way to the end. I got this book from netgalley.

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