FAN THE FLAMES (Man of the Month #3)

FAN THE FLAMES                                      MICHELE DUNAWAY

Fan the Flames (Man of the Month, #3)
Former Navy SEAL turned marine rescue firefighter Brad Silverman is tasked with his toughest mission yet: taking care of his best friend's wife. The only problem is that Scarlett Harrison has always been the one-the one who got away, the one who held his heart, and the one who has always been off limits...

Now widowed Scarlett returns to her childhood home in St. Louis, determined to get her life back on track. She misses her husband but can't fight the attraction she feels for sexy fireman Brad. As she spends more time with him, the connection they have had since high school grows stronger. Are they finally ready to overcome their pasts and lose their hearts to each other?

They first kissed under the bleachers and as she was expecting Brad to ask her out in high school it was his best friend. Scarlett Harrison would go on to marry Todd. Now Todd is dead and trying to start over with their daughter she moves back to St. Louis. Brad and Todd became Navy Seals together and he is still blaming himself for Todd’s death, he chose not to re up or re-enlist instead went back home and is now a fireman and marine rescue diver for the fire department. The first mission he was not on with Todd he was killed. Now moving Scarlett and her daughter to a new home she is seeing him in a new light and her eyes are going back to when they were young and back in school. They talk about that first kiss and why he did not go any further, he is talking with a couple of the older guys at fire house and though he wants to make the commitment he is still holding back. After everything between them it is not until he is involved in a rescue in the Mississippi river at night during winter and she has not heard from him and finds out that he is at the hospital that it all comes together mostly for him. For her it was just the moment that she knew it was right along with him watching frozen while recuperating. A very entertaining story with some drama. Overall a good book.I got this book from netgalley.  I give this 4 stars.

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