HOW FOREVER FEELS                              LAURA DREWRY

How Forever Feels by Laura DrewryMaya McKay’s heart is as big as Jack Rhodes’s shoulders are broad. Their chemistry is out of control, but it could never work between them because Jack is more than just best friends with her cheating ex-husband—they’re like brothers. Maya, the sensitive, practical florist, has given up on love and is ready to settle for like. But now that Jack’s around again, he’s stirring up old feelings—and turning Maya’s fantasies into irresistible reality.

Jack blew his chance with Maya years ago when he stepped aside for his best friend, Will, and he’s still kicking himself about it. Maya was promised forever once before, and she got burned. But when Jack realizes that second chances aren’t going to fall out of the sky, he seizes the moment—and the woman he’s always loved—to show her how forever truly feels.MY REVIEW:
     When you had the early childhood Jack Rhodes did and was taken in by the Carson family, having Will as your friend and brother it’s hard to turn your back.  Yet, there is one person that always made Jack take a pause and want to rethink some if not most of the decisions he made throughout his life.  One being not fighting Will for Maya McKay when he saw her first at the party and talked to first too.  You see they met at a birthday party where Will just budded in.
     Because in a whirlwind Will had asked Maya to marry him and not a year later they were getting a divorce.  Will was calling her all kinds of crazy never taking responsibility for the affair she caught him at, in his classroom at the high school having sex on his desk.  Or that Maya had tried everything to save their marriage which only made him move in the other direction.  He only found this out later they never told him of their troubles. 
     Will sure did send him the photos of all the damages Maya left I her wake when she had enough.  Jack knew it had to be bad if she had gone that far.  Still he never asked Will but he played the passive-aggressive part well toward Will avoiding him and Stella at all family functions when possible.  During the last 2 years he had received 4 emails from Maya which went unanswered.  He felt so bad but he knew how to be disloyal to the only family he ever had and not scare the only woman he ever loved by telling her.
     His job was bringing him into town for several months which was a game changer.  He had avoided her all the other visits home to see the family this one would be tough.  So when he saw her at the bar he couldn’t stay away any longer.  He sent a drink over.  They talked he met her three best friends and he left.  Yet, he couldn’t stop thinking of her neither could she.  Then it happened Will called and wanted to get together and wanted him to come over so he could get to know Stella.  It was time to do it to confront him about Stella and what they both did to Maya.  That if he wanted a divorce that he should have been a man and done it right not to have gone behind her back like he did.  It wasn’t pleasant and could have ended nasty especially since he and Stella want him to be in the wedding but he pulled the mom card on Jack so he is stuck.  And Will knew it.  He knew that Jack would never cause her pain.  Then Maya called while he was at their house and he stepped away.  Will called him on it stating to him “Bros’ before Hos’” code.  Jack nearly came unglued this was the many of tense moments and Stella knew it and asked for Jack's help in the kitchen.  She has her words and Jack backs down.  Not sure Jack can be the man Maya needs he can’t even be honest with her really.  Not even as her friend forget as a guy who likes her.
     Then a few days later Jack and Maya run into each other when she got stood up.  He asks her to dinner but says he has to first put Pete his dog up.  So they go up to his room.  No sooner does she walk in when she hears someone call out his name.  She thinks it can’t be when she listens to Jack talk to a male voice.  Sure enough it’s Will after talking a bit he pushes his way in saying, “What’s the big deal I just want to watch the game…”  His eyes meet Maya’s where she is sitting on the floor petting Pete.  He starts yelling, wanting to know what his wife is doing in his room and Jack and Maya yell EX-WIFE!…
   Now his mind kept playing him.  “She’s your best friend’s ex-wife.”  Really was she ever?  Especially when he married her under default of his own stupidity and cowardly manners.  Being a man with no backbone or morals.  No he wants both the past and the present.  But what does Jack want he’s the only one who seems torn and conflicted?  When it comes to the love of his life he is more for the family than for Maya one of these days he will have to choose his family or making a new family with the way they are.  Does he love Maya enough to take a stand?  It seems all his family now does is take from him money or labor.  The new friends and family Maya and he are building could offer him so much more it seems.  I give this book 5 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at:

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