THE KILLING KIND                                     CHRIS HOLM

The Killing KindA hitman who only kills other hitmen winds up a target himself.

Michael Hendricks kills people for money. That aside, he's not so bad a guy.

Once a covert operative for a false-flag unit of the US military, Hendricks was presumed dead after a mission in Afghanistan went sideways. He left behind his old life--and beloved fiancée--and set out on a path of redemption...or perhaps one of willful self-destruction.

Now Hendricks makes his living as a hitman entrepreneur of sorts--he only hits other hitmen. For ten times the price on your head, he'll make sure whoever's coming to kill you winds up in the ground instead. Not a bad way for a guy with his skill-set to make a living--but a great way to make himself a target.


I liked everything about this book from the characters to the way the author went back and forth between the two main characters, and by doing so he was also giving you the history of each. How their life was growing up and how they got into the business they did. Michael Hendricks was in the military and with a Special Forces unit that did all black ops. When their unit was attacked and U.S. forces finely made it to them it was just to retrieve the bodies. When he woke up he was hurt and under rubble but no one was around, American or enemy. He has to make it back on his own and when he does they have him listed as dead and his fiancĂ© has moved on. He does not blame her. He finally finds one guy from the unit and that is the tech guy. They come up with a plan of Michael being a hit man but the only people he takes out are other hit men. The way they go about it is very fascinating. After a few years the European crime organizations come together to hire someone to find who is the person or persons taking out their hit men. They hire their own hit man for the job, but at the same time one FBI agent Charlie Thompson has been keeping track of hits throughout the world and about a year ago she found a pattern and she has now been given the case to work and try to find him. She is always just a few steps behind, the two of them and they have a set for a showdown when you get to the end of the book. This is a fast paced and a great read. The story is fantastic. A great book. I got this book from netgalley.  I give it 5 stars.

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