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The Copper Mountain Rodeo has returned to Marietta and cowboy reputations aren’t the only thing at stake…
When Summer Nichols inherited half of the Circle W Ranch, she didn’t know her rodeo-riding, bad boy ex-boyfriend came with the deal. But sure enough, Tyler Warren, the man who broke her heart and left her in Marietta years ago, is back and living on the ranch again, claiming he wants no trouble. He’s certainly not back to rekindle their decade ago romance.
Ty only wants what’s rightfully his, and then he’s gone, but not even family secrets and Summer’s deep betrayal can keep him from remembering the good times he had with the preacher’s sweet, beautiful daughter, once upon a time. Summer is more woman than he expected…
Will Ty seize his second chance and finally claim all that he’s lost, including Summer’s love once again?

Rad-Reader:  How did this series come about for all of the authors working on this series?

Charlene:  After speaking with Jane Porter from Tule at the Southern California Dreaming conference, I was thrilled at the idea of working on a Montana Born rodeo story with 3 other authors.  We all signed on board to set our story in the Tule favorite, Marietta, Montana and have key elements of the rodeo be the same, the time, events and such, while our characters don’t necessarily intersect. Each story stands alone, but you’ll get a wonderful sense of the small town community of Marietta and the sweeping landscapes of Montana. 

Rad-Reader:  What gave you your idea for Summer and Tyler’s story?

Charlene:  I love a young love story, where foolish decisions and heartbreak tears a couple apart.  In Tyler and Summer’s case, the first scene in the book we see how they initially fell in love starting with their passionate first kiss. Something that shocks both of them.  And in their ultimate reunion years later, we see how Tyler, the bad boy returning home to Marietta temporarily, tries not to fall under Summer’s spell again. But Summer is the girl he doesn’t deserve and has always wanted.    

Rad-Reader:  How could Summer not go with Tyler when he waited for her for so long?

Charlene:  It’s described this way in the book from Tyler’s point of view “You didn’t love me enough to run away with me.”   And Summer returns, “You didn’t love me enough to stay.”
They both had good reasons behind their decisions.  And Summer didn’t believe Tyler running away was the answer.  Of course, he never told her the real reason he wanted to leave, not until much later in the story.  

Rad-Reader:  How could Tyler just leave Summer behind not looking back when he knew Lee was in love with her too? 

Charlene:  Tyler knew a secret that caused him a lot of heartache. He couldn’t go on living under Owen’s roof.  He’d done all he could to get Summer to run away with him.   He figured, she didn’t love him, after all. 

Rad-Reader:  Why did Summer settle for Lee when she loved Tyler so much?

Charlene:  Summer waited two long years for Tyler, before she married Lee.  Lee was safe and Ty was dangerous. Summer had roots in Marietta and a stable family life, parents she loved.  She was young and maybe not so impetuous.  

Rad-Reader:  How could Lee marry Summer knowing he was second best?

Charlene:  I think that happens a lot in life. People do sometimes settle.  Lee was crazy in love with Summer. And she relied on him, and her love for him grew over time. Lee was the one who’d stayed.  He was the one she could build a life with. 

Rad-Reader:  How could Lee betray his best friend so badly by first talking Summer out of going with Tyler but then marrying her?

Charlene:  Lee and Ty fought right before Tyler left town.  And I don’t think Lee saw it as a betrayal.  Rather, he saw it as saving Summer from a hard, unsure life with Tyler.  When Ty left never to return, he and Summer got closer and eventually married.  

Rad-Reader:  Lee seemed to be at the root of all of Tyler’s problems.  Without giving away the plot do you think he figured out the same info about Owen that Ty did about his shortcomings? Giving him an edge?

Charlene:  Hmm. Good question.  Can’t answer that without a spoiler.  Better to let imaginations run with that one!

Rad-Reader:  Now you said in the book that Summer quits her job to take care of Owen.  I don’t remember if you said he hired her or if she did it of her own free will.  Either way was she getting an income?  How was she making ends meet?

Charlene:  Yes, Summer was hired on as Owen’s caregiver.  She needed an income, but she also did it out of friendship and concern for Owen.  Summer always viewed Owen as an underdog, especially when he took sick and was abandoned by his son. 

Rad-Reader:  Owen’s passing opened a great big can of worms.  What did Summer think was going to happen with the ranch?  Did she think her name was going to be the only name on the deed?

Charlene:  Without saying too much and give the story away, I don’t think Summer believed that Tyler would ever come back.  He surely didn’t show up for his father’s funeral.  And also, Owen deliberately didn’t tell Summer too much about his plans.

Rad-Reader:  Secrets were kept on both sides will this be a losing battle in the end for them?  Or will they rally and work as a team?  Does Tyler have a right to be mad at Summer for keeping secrets since he walked away?

Charlene:  Yes, secrets were kept on both sides.  And only through the power of love and understanding can both learn to forgive past mistakes.  Second chances are hard to come by and they both see the true value in that by the end of the story.   

Rad-Reader:  If your book was made into a movie who would you want to play:


Rad-Reader:  What song out right now reminds you of “Claim Me, Cowboy?” 
Rad-Reader:   "Wildfire" - Seafret (Was in The Longest Ride)

Charlene:  It’s in the book.  Love the lyrics to that song!! 
                      “Crash My Party” by Luke Bryan. 

Rad-Reader:  What is your favorite drink?

Charlene:  Cherry Coke – non-alcoholic
Black Russian ties with Strawberry Margarita – alcoholic
Rad-Reader:  What can’t you leave home without?

Charlene:  My phone these days.  I’m always working it seems!

Rad-Reader:  What is your next project?

Charlene:  I’m working on Twins for the Texan, a Harlequin Billionaires and Babies book due out in May 2016 and then a Dynasties continuity for Harlequin releasing in December 2016.  

Rad-Reader:  What is your next book coming out?

Charlene:  Right now!  I have an October release of a six book Harlequin Desire series called A Royal Temptation.  And then I have my last book in the Moonlight Beach Bachelors series coming out in March 2015 called One Secret Night, One Secret Baby.

Rad-Reader:  Where can our readers find you?  (Website?)

Rad-Reader:  Where can they buy your books?

Charlene:  Claim Me, Cowboy
Barnes and Noble:

I would like to thank Charlene for taking the time to share with us her thoughts on some of my crazy questions.  She was as open and honest as she could be without spoiling the storyline for you.  I am the eternal "FANGIRL."  She fed the beast in a kind and gentle way.  You are now A Rad-Reader Family Member you poor thing you but we are glad to have you.  Stop by anytime for a visit.


  1. I really enjoyed this book. The interview is very good too.

  2. Thank you So much Janine. I was a very good book. No only was it a pleasure to read but Charlene was just a special person to interview. She was so willing to answer all my FANGIRL questions. Thanks for stopping by. Please stop by again soon.

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  4. Thanks for an interesting interview. I enjoy Charlene's books. I don't get to listen to music on the radio much anymore. I appreciated the video of CRASH MY PARTY. Nice video and a good song. Can see that would be a good storyline for a romance novel. Have enjoyed the posts these past few days.

  5. Thank you So much Janine. I was a very good book. No only was it a pleasure to read but Charlene was just a special person to interview. She was so willing to answer all my FANGIRL questions. Thanks for stopping by. Please stop by again soon.


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