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Seeking Carolina (Bitterly Suite #1)
Johanna Coco is finally home in Bitterly, Connecticut to attend her beloved grandmother’s funeral—only to be confronted by the very reason she’s stayed away to begin with—Charlie
Mc Callan. Her high school sweetheart is now divorced, and no longer the skinny boy Johanna once loved. Hometown handsome and dependable as always, Charlie is the kind of man she needs to lean on as she and her sisters grapple with their grief—as well as the mystery of their long-missing mother, Carolina. But Johanna’s heart isn’t only haunted by her ghosts; it is haunted by what happened between her and Charlie…

Charlie is determined to do things right this time, and he has to do it before Johanna vanishes from his life again. First he needs to prove to her that the past is past, and they can overcome it—no easy task when he’s up against the ghosts lingering in her life, trying to convince her that happily-ever-after is not in the cards for any of the catastrophe-prone Coco sisters, least of all Johanna. But her fearless first love is ready to do whatever it takes to win her back—ghosts be damned.

Dreaming August (Bitterly Suite #2)
Benny Grady never expected to fall in love with Dan Greene, her late-husband’s best friend—or become pregnant. Caught between the joy of living again and the guilt such happiness brings, she closes herself off and keeps both her feelings and the baby to herself; but it’s getting harder. Bitterly is a small town. She sees Dan everywhere, and each time she does, her feelings for him—and his for her—become impossible to ignore.
During a visit to Henny’s grave, hoping to find solace in the garden she has planted for him there, Benny meets Augie; at least, she thinks she does. He is either proof that her grief has finally driven her over the edge, or a ghost caught between lives by a promise he did not keep. Whichever it is, helping him shows Benny that grief binds the dead as tightly as it does the living; that love is forever, but not finite; and if given the room, love will just keep on growing. 
Waking Savannah (Bitterly Suite #3)
Savannah Callowell left Georgia determined not to let the past define her. Buying an old farm in Bitterly, Connecticut was as far as she could imagine from all that happened, from all she had been. In farming the land, Savannah finds peace, friends, and a new life. If it weren’t for the headaches always plaguing her, she’d call herself happy.
Life in Bitterly has been blissfully uneventful for eleven years. Savannah keeps her secrets to herself, and her friends at a distance. But when her foreman tells her he is retiring and offers his son as a replacement, Savannah gets more than she bargained for. Adelmo Gallegos is not the college kid she was expecting, but a grown man running from his own past.
The closer she gets to Adelmo, the worse her headaches become. No matter what she once believed, Savannah is forced to consider that her past is not as firmly left behind as she imagined.
Some memories are best left behind; some refuse to be.

Terri-Lynne DeFino was born and raised in New Jersey, and now lives quietly in rural New England with her cats, kids, and husband despite her delusions of being Empress of the Northern Hemisphere. In sane moments. She is a writer, mother, cat-wrangler, sparkle queen, and occasional laundress. Her debut novel, "Finder," released on November 12, 2010 from Hadley Rille Books. Her second novel, A Time Never Lived, released in May, 2012.

Library Journal Review for Finder: Dec. 2010.
As a Finder, Ethen is able to locate missing things and people. Hired to track down a musically gifted slave girl named Zihariel, Ethen undertakes a journey that leads him first to his target and then to the realization that some things must not be found. DeFino's first novel creates an exotic desert environment as a backdrop to the story of a young man's coming-of-age and a young woman's search for the only family she has left. VERDICT Compelling characters and a fascinating world background make this a good addition to most fantasy collections.

Publisher's Weekly Review for A Time Never Lived: May 2012
this gripping sequel to 2010's Finder brings family drama and magical legend to life. When the psychic Finder Ethen and his beloved Zihariel disappear during their search for the lost Spice Way across the Iabba Desert, the focus shifts to Ethen's son, Victorio, whose Finding talent appears to have failed, and whose relationship with the mercurial Cesilee has grown strained in the wake of her affair with artifact-hunter Sulman "Sully" Kahvek. After a fiery vision of a burning landscape, Victorio, fearing for his father, sets out in pursuit of Ethen, with Cesilee and lonely nobleman Lord Dorquin Shiel in tow. Joined as well by the treasure-seeking Sully and the mysterious Myrie Raleven, Victorio's party begins a dangerous quest across a magnificently-depicted multicultural fantasy world for the legendary city of Valadur. This is a memorable saga of supernatural power and human love from the increasingly impressive DeFino. *

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