Loving Lucas (Lies & Leather, #1)Twenty-one-year-old Karlie Augustine is a survivor. She’s smart and tough, but she’s in too deep with a bad boyfriend who isn’t above breaking her spirit—or her body. Luckily, help arrives in the form of a leather-clad, motorcycle-riding hunk on the right side of the law. Lucas Lafontaine is pure muscle, a Corpus Christi cop who ignites something primal deep within Karlie. And when he offers her room and board in exchange for housekeeping, she finally starts to feel safe again.

As their arrangement turns deliciously decadent, Lucas gets hooked on Karlie’s killer body and fighting spirit. He wants to heal the pain he sees behind her eyes, but to protect her he needs to keep her close, especially now that her psycho ex won’t take a hint. Even as Lucas fights his own battle for custody of his young son, he knows that what he’s found with Karlie is real—and that he’d do anything to protect the woman he wants to take to the finish line.


     Karlie Augustine was in the foster care system as a child.  She never was given love but she was taught and made to cook and clean.  At 18 she was given $500.00 and put on the street no longer their responsibility.  She did however find out they would pay for her college education, so she decided to make a go of it.
     A year and a half ago she meets Connor Seville at a bar.  They spent the night dancing, drinking, and talking the whole night.  The one thing they had in common was motorcycle racing.  You see Connor is a National winner making a hometown favorite.  So when Karlie started showing up at the hospital with odd injuries no one questioned the fact she could be being abused by Connor their hero.  Yet, she was.
     This time though they were at a race when Connor lost control letting his temper out.  He and she were in their trailer and he didn’t want her to go out to the fire pit alone where their friends were but she said she was going so he went after her by yanking, pulling her hair, trying to break her big toe, when she was able to stumbling out of the trailer.  She looked around for her best friend Marie and her boyfriend Brandon, but they weren’t there.  The only ones there were all Connor’s friends.  None wanted to make an enemy of their hero.
     When Connor was getting ready to strike her Lucas La Fontaine came to her rescue.  Knocking Connor on his ass to the ground.  At this point Marie and Brandon had already shown up and taken her away from the fire that Connor had almost backed her into.  So he told Marie to go with Karlie to get her packed up.  While he held Connor down with his foot on the chest.  They did and Marie and Brandon invited him to their camp to talk and have a drink.  At which point they start to learn about each other.  All three knowing now that she is homeless and will need to find a part time job.  Lucas offers her something she can’t resist.  It is not without wanting to get close to her that is for sure.  He lost his heart for her the minute he saw her and then to see Connor man handle her pissed him off.

     This was an interesting erotic story.  There were some very gripping moments that kept me on the edge of my seat for sure.  Yet, there were tender moments that made you think.  But those love scenes did at times make me fan myself that is for sure.  All in all a very good storyline.  I give this 5 stars.  Provided by netgalley.com.  Follow us at: www.1rad-readerreviews.com.

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