LUCKY FOR YOU #3                                   JAYNE DENKER

Lucky For You by Jayne DenkerIt's where everyone remembers your name—and your mistakes. But the quaint Catskills town of Marsden has a way of inspiring the unlikeliest reunions, flipping the script on the best laid plans, and opening even the most stubborn hearts… 

Jordan Leigh's always had a reputation for being bad news. So she figured it was only a matter of time before she got into serious trouble. But serving house arrest in her hometown of Marsden is truly cruel and unusual punishment. Plus she's under police officer Will Nash's up-close-and-all-too-personal supervision…which could make things worse—or more fun.

To make amends, Jordan throws herself into making nice with her neighbors, taking in stray animals, and helping teenage girls get back on track. But what she really wants is to get on the right track with Will. To do that, she'll have to show him she's grown up. And if that means making him break his own rules and face down his own fears, she's up for the challenge …
     Sometimes our hearts want more than anything those things we know aren’t good for us.  Which is the case for Officer William (Will) Nash.  His heart fell in love with Jordon Leigh, back in kindergarten.  At the age of 7 her father moved them away from her grandma something she could never forgive her father for.
     But she soon came to be with her grandma more.  Causing nothing but trouble in their small hometown.  Her grandma is eccentric and did enough on her own to be the talk of the town but in a not so bold or negative way.  Jordon did foolish things that resulted in the whole town, except Will, to hating her or trusting her.
     But Will has always had a soft spot for her.  Her father hates the town of Marsden and moved them away when she was 7.  So now at 27 and having to come home with an ankle bracelet monitor care of the court system to keep her under house arrest basically did not do good things for her already bad image.  She knows she is defeated once again by these small minded people.  In fact she is resigned to it.  Yet, Will starts to surprise her by showing glimmers of wanting to believe her and wanting her mind, body, and soul.
     With Jordon having no edit button she still keeps making mean and outlandish remarks.  Will has been there to be her voice that should be in her head saying, “Snarky back it up.”  Jordon is just a, “What you see is what you get.”  Which in turn helps Will get off the bench to meet lips halfway.  Overcoming fear of commitment with a guy who promised you marriage in kindergarten seems odd.  Jordon spent her whole life in motion and talking for a reason, hell even getting in trouble was to produce a reaction.  Will knew it and would let her do it to them.  He was tired of one night stands and he wanted more from this woman who could make him laugh and made it happen in the first 3 seconds together.  Or make him jealous just by talking to his brother Cam.  At the same time leave him speechless when he saw the rawness in her eyes when the town’s people ganged up on her for things she did as a youth.  Can Will get her to see life his way or will Jordon break him like everyone says?  I give this 5 stars.  Provided by

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