PLAYING WITH FIRE                                 KATE MEADER

Playing with Fire (Hot in Chicago, #2)As the only female firefighter at Engine Co. 6, Alexandra Dempsey gets it from all sides: the male coworkers who think she can’t do the job, the wives and girlfriends who see her as a threat to their firefighter men, and her overprotective foster brothers who want to shelter their baby sister at all costs. So when she single-handedly saves the life of Eli Cooper, Chicago’s devastatingly handsome mayor, she assumes the respect she’s longed for will finally come her way. But it seems Mr. Mayor has other ideas…

Eli Cooper’s mayoral ratings are plummeting, his chances at reelection dead in the water. When a sexy, curvaceous firefighter gives him the kiss of life, she does more than bring him back to the land of the living—she also breathes vitality into his campaign. Riding the wave of their feel-good story might prop up Eli’s flagging political fortunes, but the sizzling attraction between them can go nowhere; he’s her boss, and there are rules that must be obeyed. But you know what they say about rules: they’re made to be broken…

Alexandra Dempsey, is a female firefighter for a fire house in Chicago. She is the only female in her house number 6 and she does not take any guff from any one. Including the mayor or the man who is a millionaire and she destroyed his car getting him out when he started in on her rescuing him and her being a female and other derogatory names. She then decided to take the roof off of his sport car when they almost had the door pried open. That puts her in the news but makes her also someone now everyone in Chicago is a where of including the mayor. The mayor Eli Cooper is looking for reelection after his four year term. He is totally attracted to Alexandra, to the point of showing up at the same place where she is on a date with a detective who ends up leaving after the mayor says some choice words to him. When she realizes that she is attracted to him as well she still cannot bring herself to go out with him for the things he has done while being mayor, one is doing away with pensions for firefighters, and police. Then as his luck would have it she responds to a fire with her engine company #6, and during this fire she ends up rescuing the mayor. This works in his favor as he turns it around on her along with another lie and they end up going out a few times and she finds out that she is attracted to him and then she realizes that she is actually in love with him. He on the other hand has his own secrets and does not tell them to her but other people bring them out and she cannot deal with him or the politics. When the day before the election he finally tells the city of Chicago the truth about his father which he really did for her. He now wonders if she will come back to him and they can start again. You need to read the book to find out if they get back together and if he wins or loses the election. A good story overall, I did find the middle part a little slow but maybe that was just me. Overall a good book. I got this book from netgalley.  I give this 4 stars.

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