SNOWFLAKE BAY                                        DONNA KAUFFMAN

Snowflake Bay by Donna KauffmanThere’s no place like seaside Blueberry Cove, Maine, at Christmas—and there’s nothing like a wedding, the warmth of the holidays, and an old crush, to create the perfect new start…

Interior designer Fiona McCrae has left fast-paced Manhattan to move back home to peaceful Blueberry Cove. But she’s barely arrived before she’s hooked into planning her big sister Hannah’s Christmas wedding—in less than seven weeks. The last thing she needs is for her first love, Ben Campbell, to return to neighboring Snowflake Bay…

As kids, Fiona was the bratty little sister Ben mercilessly teased—while pining after Hannah. But Fi never once thought of Ben like a brother. And that hasn’t changed. Except Fi is all grown up. Will Ben notice her now? More importantly, with her life in a jumble, should he? Or might the romance of the occasion, the spirit of the season, and the gifts of time ignite a long-held flame for many Christmases to come…

Something old might just become something new…

Includes a DIY wedding project!

     We have all had a mad crush at one time or another.  When it’s your older brother’s best friend.  Yet, he was also like their big brother.  Ben Campbell was at their home as much as his own with her brother in tow.  When he was at her house he was there to pine over her older sister Hannah.  He called Fiona “Fireplug Fi,” the bratty little sister always giving as good as she got.  Yet, Kerry the real youngest sister and supper pest of the family he babies to no end.  Finding a kindred spark in Ben, who’d teased her and ruffled her hair, yet it was always in an affectionate, sort of admiring, you-go-girl kind of way. For her not so much she was the short, fat, red face younger sister.
     The whole time he never saw her, Fiona McCrae, who was really only four years younger than he was but it may as well have been a hundred.  All he ever thought of up until the day he left for college was Hannah.  That was the day she decided to put her feelings away for Ben.  Which became very easy since he never came home to hometown which was inland from where their family’s lighthouse stood in Blueberry Cove, Maine.  He only did holidays but not on the days so she had free rein to come and go to the family functions.
     Fiona was now on her way to her childhood home it appears another sibling was getting married and she was being put in charge of this one too.  This one would be easier since she has been back in the Cove for a month now.  But since she did such a good job of her brother Logan’s and Alex’s wedding she was now in charge of Hannah’s.  No not to Ben.  She really didn’t want to do this wedding she really wanted to get started on her life in the cove and she needed to put her plan together.  When she arrived at the house she was layered in clothes and trying to untangle when she heard someone behind her say something like, “You caught there?”  She froze.  Then gets her by the shoulders and turns her around.  She closes her eyes as tight as she can to ward off the fact that the man she hadn’t seen in years was now trying to untangle her scarf.  When she opens her eyes she won’t even look at him.
     His nickname not only angered her it embarrassed her because she knew at any moment he would use it and he did.  To him she would always be too short, fat, curly haired, and the little pesky sister of his best friend.  So, she squared her shoulders and gave it back to him.  Why disappoint.
     Can she be anything other than “Fireplug Fi” to him?  Would she want him now if he finally saw her?  Would he want her even if he did see her as a woman?  All good questions.  This family saga and oh so funny love story talks to how bullies even well-meaning ones can hurt you.  Not to mention it talks to the fact that families small or large are all important.  I give this 5 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at:

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