IN A BAD WAY                                               KARIN TABKE

In a Bad Way (Bad Boys of the Bay, #4)
What happens when Mr. Suit and Tie meets Ms. Wild Style? A chemical reaction that leaves them IN A BAD WAY! 

A missing stripper sister, the Russian mob, a smoking hot FBI Agent and the enigmatic woman who lies at the center of it all, is as crazy sexy as it gets. 

Isadora Fuentes will do anything to find her missing sister, even slip on a bikini and serve drinks at the strip club where her sister worked. But when Andre, the Russian giant who runs the joint, instructs Izzy, aka "Wild Style," to strip for a federal agent and make a compromising video, Izzy balks…until Andre hints he has information on Izzy's sister—for the price of the tape. 

Special Agent Flynn Ryker is a loner by choice, but when his buddy gets engaged, he shows up at Surf’s Up Strip Club in San Francisco for the bachelor party of a lifetime. What he doesn’t expect is his immediate attraction to a saucy little stripper named Wild Style. When she attempts to slip him a roofie and videotape him in bed, Flynn has two options: Haul her pretty little ass in and arrest her or go along with the sting and see where it leads… 

Working together to solve the disappearance of her half sister, Isadora Fuentes and Special Agent Flynn Ryker may disagree on tactics, but there's no denying the sizzling chemistry between them. Will the secrets they hide from each other ruin their chance for love? 

"Whatever they had went beyond sex. He didn’t have to touch her to feel their connection. It thrummed like a live wire around them. When they came together, Jesus, the way she made him feel. Like Superman. He’d never felt anything like it." ~Flynn Ryker 
"Izzy and Flynn share a phenomenal connection, the sexual tension between them virtually vibrates off the pages. Ms. Tabke writes sex scenes that make you feel like a voyeur. In a good way! Whether flirty and slow to build, or fast and needy, they culminate in a knock-your-socks-off crescendo every time....If this were a paperback copy, mine would be dog-eared all over the place and the spine cracked to hell. Once again, Ms. Tabke has written a book I couldn’t put down." ~ IslandDeb, 

Agent Flynn Ryker is taken by a stripper named pink as he sees her the night that he is at the club for a party for his friend who is getting married. A man who does not do relationships or anything past the night he does not even spend the night, have breakfast, shower with them, and no one female has been to his house. He cannot take his eyes off of her and as he is getting ready to leave he notices that she has slipped a drug into his glass of water, so he decides to go along with it and see where this takes him. When they get to her place and she finally get to the point of stripping him he realizes she is trying to make a video and then he wakes up. After a few moments of talking they are back at each other and during the hot love session he realizes she is a virgin and she tells him to continue and then he is hooked and the drug is Pink aka Izzy, Isadora Fuentes, and she is more complex than he can even imagine and he spends the night and that is the beginning of breaking one of his rules right after the next one. When he finds out why she is working and the surfs up and realizes she won’t quit he helps her. As much as you are following with the story about the Russian mob it is really what is going to happen between the two of them and how she has completely destroyed his life but in a good way. It just takes him a while to figure it out. Plenty of hot steamy bedroom scenes to keep anyone going. A good book. Read it to see if Pink gets her agent. I got this book from netgalley.  I give this 5 stars.

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