REMAKING RYAN                                           JACIE FLOYD

Remaking Ryan (The Billionaire Brotherhood Book 3)In Book Three of the Billionaire Brotherhood, Ryan Eastham appears to have it all—fame, fortune, and legendary good looks—but injury has ended his high-profile professional football career and he’s at loose ends. After years of living, breathing, and training for football, he’s searching for something meaningful to do with his future. He expects nothing but boredom from the on-air sports announcer job he’s been offered, and his so-called love life is more tabloid fiction than fact. 

Due to the shattering betrayal of her late husband, Jenna McCall is wary of men and their meaningless promises. Isolating herself from friends and family while she reexamines her goals and dreams, her one year old daughter is her sole focus. Ryan’s unscheduled intrusion into her life leaves her irritated, edgy, and a little intrigued. 

Family commitments throw this pair together as reluctant companions on a cross-country drive from Massachusetts to Missouri. Despite a wrong turn, stolen car, and fussy baby, they find unexpected pleasure in one another’s company. Amid wedding chaos and intense family drama in St. Louis, they each proceed with plans to start new careers in different parts of the country, but their attraction continues to build. When it’s time to say good-bye, Ryan challenges Jenna to remake their lives and plan a future together instead.

     Jenna McCall was not seasoned when it came to dating but the two men she dated and one of which she married cheated on her.  The second one being her husband Matt.  When she was two month pregnant she knew he was having an affair so not only was she having to mourn her hero husband but she had to deal with guilt of being angry with him at the same time.  Causing herself to close herself and her daughter Elly off to everyone even her family.
     Then her father Joel calls and says Abby’s nephew Ryan Eastham, who is like a son to her just had surgery.  They were supposed to be coming to stay with him and care for him but there was delay.  Could she go until they could get there?  She really doesn’t want to.  She has Elly and self-pity and anger to work on.  She goes anyway.
     Now she hasn’t seen Ryan in over a year since Matt’s funeral.  That was a blur.  You see Ryan was a pro football player sidelined for good, due to this last knee injury.  When she gets there he’s like where’s Abby?  What are you doing here?  She starts to explain when the nurse comes in and she’s like…”Oh goody your ride!  You can finally leave!”  He’s like, “Yup!”  Jenna’s like, “Oh?” when he grabs her hand and pulls her to his chest, saying something like work with me basically.
     Jenna springs him but when she ask if he doesn’t live far he says not much.  Yet, and hour plus later he is not happy.  Especially after just trying to get him in the car.  (Comical!)  She just about has her fill when he starts ordering her around.  She can’t leave him at home it goes against all the paperwork instructions she signed him out on.
     While Ryan is staying at the beach house with Jenna he talks to his aunt Abby.  She tells him they are all worried that Jenna is dragging her feet about coming to his sister’s wedding.  So, she asked that he do all he can to get her there.  When she decides to drive to her dad’s for the wedding she has it all planned to come up with an excuse to not make it there.  So when Ryan decides to drive with her to help with Elly and to be a tag team for safety she is pissed.  She is not a happy camper knowing she will have to use other measures to slow them down.  Basically, she doesn’t want all the family to know her business when comes to the truth of her husband’s unfaithfulness and death.  She doesn’t want them to know she doesn’t have a job or a home or that it wasn’t her fault her first relationship failed because of the betrayal of her ex and with her best friend.  So why would she want to go...
     This was a fun book in that here you have this couple that have been circling each other for years.  Never truly aware of one another.  Yet, when the doo-doo hit the fan they could let each other down.  Not to mention the family that brought them in the same orbit to begin with.  This is Ryan’s side of the family communicates to well and Jenna’s not so much.
     This book comes with twist and turns and they will make you say Hmm?  I could understand the questioning and second guessing herself.  When you come from a place of betrayal and not foundation of truth it can make you unsure of who and what is real.  I give this 5 stars.  Provided by
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