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The Buffalo Bills became the first pro football team to hire a   full – time woman assistant coach, naming Kathryn Smith as a special team’s quality control coach. This past summer the Arizona Cardinals hired Jen Welter to work with linebackers but that was just during preseason. Smith worked as an administrative assistant for Rex Ryan for two years and seven years with the Jets as a player personal assistant. This is a second change after hiring his brother a couple of weeks ago. We will see if this these moves will help the Bills on the field of play for next year. 


  1. the games this past weekend were good for the most part. Brady having his receivers back and the defense taking away the tight end for the Chiefs spelled victory for them. Being a Packer fan they blew it again in the last part of the game by not catching an interception by the goal line, then for most of the night no one could cover Fitzgerald. He had a great game and made a fantastic play after Palmer got him the ball. Even though Jeff Janis made some fine catches, he had more catches, yards, TD, in that one game than all season. maybe that was a sign for things to come for next year?

  2. Was really surprised by the Panthers jumping out to a 31 point lead. I then thought they were going to lose the game by not scoring any more and the Sea Hawks seemed to be scoring at will. There defense did come up with some stops and they were able to hold off the charge they made. The game between them and the Cardinals should be a battle. Both of those teams have been playing good so hopefully it will be a close game.

  3. I am guessing this is going to be the last game between Brady and Manning. I cannot see Manning coming back next year but i guess anything is possible. For all of there fantastic games if Denver's defense does not hold up against the Pat's it could be a long day. Denver needs to sack Brady and continue the pressure all game long by hitting Brady and making throw before he wants to is the only i believe they have a chance. They also cannot be giving up TD'S field goals because i don't see Denver being able to stay with them if the game becomes a shoot out or high scoring game. i still don't think Manning can make all of the throws like he use to.

  4. Even though it was just a regular season game the way the Warriors beat Cleveland the other night was really something. I know people always want to put it on James which is partly right, but also Love had an awful night and so did Irving. Actually the whole team, they need to fix it or the will lose the championship again if they get their.

  5. Really surprised by the support for the new Rams team coming back to L.A. I DO LIKE THE FACT THAT THE PROJECT IS ALL THE OWNERS MONEY AND NOT TAX PAYERS. Them playing in the Coliseum reminds me of the 60's and 70's when my father and i would go to Rams game all the time. He was a big Rams fan and i remember watching regular season, playoff and we went to one championship game there. Of course back then they lost most of those games, not the regular season ones mostly the playoffs. But those were good times just my dad and i. He would even get tickets when the Packers came out to play the Rams. Just being with my dad was good and made up for the Packers losing the game. So now i will take my daughter to a football with the Rams playing and hopefully she will enjoy it as much as when we go base ball games.

  6. Have a great week and talk next week, be safe.


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