Guess Who Will Be Here On Friday?
Toni J. Strawn

Author of:
It’s not that Abby Harkness’s ex cheated. Hell, it’s not even that he did the dirty with her own sister. The worst part? Everyone—even her own mother—knew about it before she did.

These days, Abby’s nomadic job makes it easy to stick to the rules that protect her heart. Rule number one: Never stay in any man’s bed more than one night. But when a carefully planned tryst falls through, she finds herself stranded in a boardroom—naked—with the one man who makes her body scream danger.

Three hours of mind-blowing sex later, Marcus Brookhein walks out of the boardroom feeling like he just lost. That doesn’t sit with someone who lives and breathes competition. Next time, he’s making the rules. Starting by getting her assigned to work side by side with him.

Abby is desperate not to repeat a night of pleasure that left cracks in her carefully constructed defenses. But four long weeks of close proximity loom before her. And Marcus has a lot to teach her about playing dirty…

The moment when Abby first realised she might be in trouble...
The intensity of his stare was enough to give her pause. He had an air about him, like he was sizing Abby up to procure her. She understood then, that the less she wanted to become his acquisition, the harder he would play. This was a man who would not give up easily. This was a man who’d want far more than Abby was willing to offer. Behind his confident smile he shrewdly assessed every move as if he knew and accepted her challenge. Instinct kicked in with a clear warning. Stay away. And ever since Nathan had ripped her heart out and stomped the bloody, still-beating organ into the ground, Abby was all about instinct.
“Pleased to meet you.” She forced out a greeting and offered her hand. Only to have it grasped in a warm, two-handed grip. Marcus’s thumb grazed her wrist and her eyes flew upward.
All of his attention was centered on her. Oh. Shit. A small smile kicked at his lips and Abby’s breath caught, her heart stuttering back to life with a loud, lop-sided beat.
“No. Pleased to meet you.” His voice flowed around her like apple honey, a silky caress with just the right amount of bite.

Toni J. Strawn lives in New Zealand and loves everything romance. With three books written for the One Moment Series with Samhain Publishing, Toni has enjoyed setting up her characters for the ultimate one night stand and turning it into happily ever after.

While not locked away in her Romansion, a tiny writing shed at the bottom of the garden, Toni can be found feeding her addiction to paranormal romance novels. Get Toni’s must-have reading list of paranormal romance series here

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