Betting the Bad Boy (Destiny, #2)Ten years ago, Duke King knew that getting involved with Grace Truman would only bring trouble into his already hard life. After all, the son of the town drunk has no business falling for the judge’s daughter…a passion that led to disaster and ended with Duke serving a ten year prison sentence. Duke never wanted to return to Destiny, especially now that he’s built a multimillion dollar custom car empire with his brothers. But when his sick aunt calls him home, he must face his past and discover a secret that instantly changes his life.

Grace never thought she would see Duke again, especially after years of silence. But when Duke comes storming back into her life, looking hotter than ever, and determined to get to know the son he never knew he had, she realizes that maybe she’d been wrong about him so many years ago. So Grace decides to make Duke a bet. If he can stay in the house with them for the next thirty days and prove he’ll be a good father, she’ll agree to letting him be part of his son’s life. If not, he’d better be prepared for a fight.

Going from single guy to family man isn’t going to be easy for Duke, especially with the still sexy, now fiery, Grace clouding his every thought. Can Duke be the man he never thought he could be or will his old bad boy ways be too much to conquer?
     The King Brother’s had always been the talk of the town thanks to their no good always drunk daddy.  After their mama died he had run off and left them.  So Duke being the oldest did the only thing he could think of, he stole food from the local store to feed his two brothers, Colt and Levi.  At eleven he was arrested for shoplifting that food.
     It was his aunt Lolly King who couldn’t stand his father, her brother, who begrudgingly took all three boys in.  She put a roof over their heads, fed them, and made sure they stayed together.  She never spoiled them but she took care of them and their needs.  She holds a special place in each of their hearts.  She owns the local hair salon and when the boys all left when Duke when off to prison she wouldn’t leave. 
     You see Duke had fallen in love with the girl from the right side of the tracks.  He should have known better so he thought.  He should have known his place for he would always be on the wrong side no matter what.  You see he had been secretly dating the judge’s daughter and they had a fight.  The point was it was a guy, Patrick, she knew Duke despised and she wanted to get back at him for dumping her so she went out with him.  Patrick tried to take advantage of her and when she slapped him she hit her back hard.  Duke when in the area they were and saw what he did and Duke punched him see red.  A fight occurred since Kind Brothers did not take kindly to having women hit.
     Being that the young man’s father was the chief of police, her daddy a judge who hated Duke, and Duke’s daddy the town drunk.  He was put on trial and lost for attempted murder.  All for defending the woman he loves honor.  Thirteen years forward he is called home by his aunt Lolly who is in ICU.  She ask each of her nephews to do something for her.  She knows for all she did for them they would never refuse her.  No matter how many millions or is it billions they are making now.  They swore never to return to Destiny but Lolly needed them or did they still need Lolly?  Duke will find the surprise of his life.
     I totally enjoyed this book the characters were so very funny.  Most of all they were so well developed and full of heart.  I love family sagas as you know so much for their dynamics and this doesn’t disappoint.  Can’t wait to hear Levi’s story.  I give this book 5 ++++ stars.  Provided by  Follow us at:

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