FALLING HARD                                       TINA WAINSCOTT           

 There’s no one Pax Sullivan wants to run into less than Gemma Thornton. Back in high school, she revved his heart more than street racing. But she picked his clean-cut brother over him—only to accuse Blake of an unforgivable crime. Eventually the charges were dropped and Gemma left town, but the hard feelings lingered . . . along with Pax’s gnawing “what-ifs.” Seven years later, just as he quits the police force to open a racetrack, Gemma’s back—and their chemistry is more combustible than ever.

If it were up to her, Gemma would never lay eyes on another Sullivan. She hates them, and they hate her—even Pax, who just so happens to be fixing up her father’s B&B. But the more time she spends with the lean, hard-bodied ex-cop at the inn and on the track, the more Gemma sees that Pax is nothing like his brother. Despite their anguished history, she’s tempted to take their relationship into high gear . . . if she can face the past and risk her heart. 

     Pax Sullivan has left the police force and has moved on with his life. That is until he comes along someone who is stranded on the side of the road and having problems with her car, flat tire. He decides to stop and help and this turns out to change both of their lives more than they could have imagined. The person is Gemma Thornton who when they were in high school she was attracted to him but instead went out with his older brother and then at the end of the year accused him of rape. She being the new girl in town and him being the star quarterback for the high school no one believed her and she ended up leaving going back home to New York to be with her mother. People in school always said that Pax was the one that got in trouble and that was not the way she remembered him. He just went by his own way and no one else’s. Now back in Florida because of an accident to her father she does not realizes how much people in the town remember. She of course thought maybe somehow they would have forgotten. Now Pax is a good friend with her father and they are partners in starting up a race track. She is surprised at just how much he has been around her father and has distanced himself from his family except for his sister that she did not know about while she was dating his bother. More and more secrets keep coming out and the two of them seem to deal with past so they decide if they can be together or is his family going to put an end to them? The ending to this story is really a shock and this is a fantastic story, full of emotion, not your typical love story by any means. A very good book. I got this book from netgalley. I give this 5 stars.         

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