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The Broncos won the Super Bowl and I was surprised. I thought for sure the Panthers offense would do much better but I was totally wrong. The defense really outplayed their offense and won the game for them by making the plays. Making turnovers and just dominating the Panthers offense. 


  1. I am still very surprised at the outcome of the Super bowl. i will say that Denver's defense played an outstanding game and both Ware and Miller were able to put a lot of pressure on Cam Newton so he could not get comfortable in the pocket and could not get away either.

  2. now we wait for the pro football draft and training camps to start and then pick up again. also will manning retire or not? I am hoping that he does retire. that he does not wait another year because this year he was hurt and he really did not play that good. he did play good enough not to lose any playoff games and let the defense take over late in games.

  3. In college basketball it is strange not to see Kentucky and Duke up in the top 5 in the rankings. Duke has dropped out all together and Kentucky is 22. To me one team that has been a surprise is USC i did not see them having a good team this year but they are playing good ball.

  4. This weekend is the NBA all star game. I am looking forward to some of the things they do before hand. like the 3 point contest and the dunk contest. the game itself not so much.

  5. the night before the super bowl they announced the new inductees into the pro football hall of fame.Brett Favre, Marvin Harrison, Tony Dungy, Kevin Greene, Orlando Pace, Eddie DeBartolo Kenny Stabler and Dick Stanfel. The one name on this list that most people don't know is Dick Stanfel. He played in the 50's with the Lion's from 52-55 and Washington 56-58. He was part of the two Lion's Championship teams 52 & 53, and was offensive line coach for the Bears when they won the Super Bowl in 85. He was an 5x pro bowl, and 5x first team all pro 53, 54, 56, 57, 58. He was also NFL's all 50's decade team. He then went into college coaching and then pro coaching. His last job was with the Saints in 97-98 as offensive line coach This man was truly old school football and as a guard was the Lion's MVP in 53 when they won the Championship. this was the team that went to 3 straight Championship games winning 2.


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