WORTH THE WAIT                               JAMIE BECK

Thirteen years ago, Vivi LeBrun was sketching a rooster and eating Oreos when she first met—and fell for—her friend’s brother, David St. James. Since then, her love for David has only intensified thanks to years of friendship with his family, who rescued her from a lonely, tumultuous childhood. As she travels to Block Island to vacation with the St. James siblings, Vivi daydreams about reuniting with David, hoping he’ll finally see her as his soul mate.

After his mother’s death, David distanced himself from his siblings, determined to hide a devastating family secret. Now, he’s brought a new girlfriend along to his homecoming—one who’s pushing for a serious commitment. The last thing he needs on his growing list of problems is his budding attraction to Vivi.

With tensions running high, David’s behavior triggers a series of events that might cost him the love he’s always taken for granted and Vivi the only real family she’s ever known.

     Our first crushes are sometimes the hardest on our hearts.  Especially if you are in constant contact with the person of your affection.  Growing up is hard enough but when you feel mixed messages on top of friendship it’s hard to gauge what is real.  When the person you are crushing on is your best friends older brother who has always defended you against all the bullies. 
     Vivi LeBrun lost her mother and brother in the car accident the three of them were in when she was six years old.  She was left to be raised by a father who could not handle the grief well and turned to drinking instead of being a responsible loving parent.  Leaving Vivi to manage on her own.  Caring along and fending for her own well-being most of the time.  Which is why she had either cheap mismatched clothes or old clothes on and was teased so very much.
     Vivi also became a parent to her own father.  Cleaning up his messes when he got drunk.  Putting up with his embarrassing moments when he got his drunk on.  Cat St. James her best friend in the world knew what she was up against and invited her over to her house.  A few things became very clear to Vivi when she was there.  One, that she missed her family terribly.  Two that the St. James home was so homey, even with all the things going on there.  There was true love, respect, and true sense of family.
     Mrs. St. James saw a wounded soul but yet a beauty within who could heal and love also.  She knew in the future she would come to only embrace these traits and nurture them but look forward to how they could heal, help, and embrace her family one day.  She love Vivi a great deal.  Like one of her own.  She taught her, her ways.
     The object of her affections is David who is the oldest son of the St. James family.  He is 5 years older than Vivi is.  He has always just looked at her as just a good friend.  Yet, in some ways more than that also.  Which was hard because as it was his younger brother Jackson teased him about the crush Vivi had on him all the time.
     To him Vivi was one of the bravest girls he ever met.  She never backed down from anything she never showed fear.  In fact when he went off to college he found a love letter she sneaked into his computer bag.  Which took guts.  Even if he did ever want to move to a different level with Vivi, Cat and Jackson would have a problem with it.  They did have a lot in common museums, exhibits, secondhand stores, and other things to spend time together.
     But when their mother passed away things blew up with David and his father.  You see he held a very hurtful secret about their father that their mother asked him to keep from his siblings.  Before she passed.  Being so angry with their father he knew he couldn’t keep quiet so he accepted a job in Hong Kong for the past year in order to not tell but it caused a huge gap in the closeness that they all had and bad feelings that may take a very long time to heal even between him and Vivi.  Pretty much dropping all contact will all of them.  Causing great pain to all of them but especially Vivi.  So, when Cat invited her to the sibling vacation at the beach house she was so excited.  Because Cat has known about her mad crush on David and tells her not to get her hopes up but that David is back and is going to be there but he is still not talking all that much and is still angry. 
     When the ferry docks they look around to finally find David.  As they all get to see him it is what they hope all smiles and kiss on the cheek and excitement.  Until…they start to get to the car and Cat asks where Jackson is and he says back at the house with Hank and Laney.  Then Cat is like Laney like from Hong Kong Laney?  Vivi freezes to her spot right before she reaches the car and all the blood rushes to her feet.  Her heart gets the message last when it hears, “Once again he did not pick you and he will never pick you.”  So, it was time to get in the game of cutting David loose from her heart.
     When they get to the house Jackson comes out to greet them.  He grabs Vivi like he always does gives her his full body bear hug and big sloppy kiss.  From that moment on Vivi decides to work it with Jackson and Hank be flirty and relaxed with them.  And to avoid eye contact or any contact with David for the whole week if possible.  David is dumbfounded.  What happened what did he do?  What did he say?  Something wrong?  Let’s just say life becomes interesting…
     This book was a coming of age, a first love, and family saga all in one.  I really enjoyed it.  I can’t wait for the next one.  I loved the characters and all their antics.  I love how the author takes Vivi’s character full circle.  I give this 5++++ stars.  Provided by netgalley.com.  Follow us at:


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