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After a year with her dying aunt, Bette knows what she wants from life.

1. Keep Aunt Missy’s House 

Chris Pressley is the perfect roommate—uptight and damaged and hung up on his ex. And hot. Bette doesn’t date, but she definitely likes looking.

2. Get Her Dream Job 

Chris just needs to get away from the happiest couple on campus: the sweet, shy girl he loves and his former best friend. Watching Bette rock her tattoos and her curves even as she builds her own business is an education. That’s probably why he can’t keep his mind off her…

3. Never Compromise 

Bette isn’t interested in changing for anyone. But the heat rising between her and Chris won’t leave her the same…
The light from the TV screen flickered across the room, accentuating her cleavage. I shifted, and the popcorn bowl rubbed against my crotch. Shit, this was a bad idea.
“Son of a bitch,” she muttered, scooting closer to me.
Her fingers wrapped around the blanket and she pulled it up to her chin. It blocked her tits from my view, which helped me focus on the screen a little bit better. If I could just watch the damn movie, I could stop thinking about how great it felt to have her body up against mine. Demon possessed little girls were not sexy.
Just watch the movie, Chris. Just watch the movie.
Bette jumped about a foot off the couch. “Son of a bitch!”
She scooted over so fast the popcorn bowl wobbled on my lap. I managed to catch it right before it fell to the floor, but it didn’t stay on my lap long. Bette grabbed it out of my hands and put it on the table, leaving me defenseless.
“You’re supposed to protect me!” she said, turning sideways. Pressing both breasts against my arm. Hiding her face on my shoulder.
I forced out a laugh that sounded more like I was choking. “I thought the blanket was going to protect you.”
“You’re both going to!”
She was practically in my lap and I knew it was hopeless. I couldn’t pay attention to anything happening on the screen. No projectile-vomiting kid was going to distract me from the feel of Bette’s firm tits against my arm or the way her perfume tickled my nose. I was a guy, after all, and something like this…I wasn’t strong enough to be unaffected.
I barely breathed the rest of the movie, and every time Bette got closer, my heart beat faster. By the time the credits started rolling, she was cussing like a sailor and I felt like I’d been kicked in the balls.
I needed some time alone.
I tried to get up, but she grabbed my arm and pulled me back down. “Where the hell are you going?”
“To the bathroom.” I forced out a laugh. “You can handle it if I leave you for a few minutes, right? Or do you want to come with me?”
Just the thought of her coming into the bathroom with me, unzipping my pants, pulling out my dick and taking it in her hand…
I groaned and pushed the thoughts away.
“This is your fault, mister.” She poked a pointed nail against my chest. “You made me watch this movie. ‘It’s cheesy, Bette. Don’t be a baby.’ Cheesy, my ass! That was scary!”
Somehow, I managed to get to my feet, but that almost made things worse. Bette was staring up at me from the couch, and I couldn’t think of a damn thing but how close her mouth was to my crotch. All she’d have to do was lean forward…
Thank God it was still dark.
I was desperate to get away. “I’ve got to piss, okay? I’ll be right back.”
Bette pulled the blanket up to her chin. “Hurry up.”
“Okay,” I said, heading for the bathroom. It was going to take me less than a minute at this rate.

I was pretty sure I was an asshole for thinking about Bette this way, but it was just physical and something I couldn’t control. It was normal. She was hot, any red-blooded man could see that, and I was a guy. It only made sense that having her pressed up against me would turn me on. Right? 
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