THE LOOK OF LOVE                             CRYSTAL B. BRIGHT

You can’t fight love…

There’s only one thing MMA fighter Gunnar Wells is more devoted to than his career, and that’s his mother, “Queen” Elizabeth. An elegant African American woman who adopted Gunnar and his two white brothers, Elizabeth was there when they needed her, and they’ll do anything for her. For Gunnar, that means running her hair salon when she suddenly falls ill. And if that’s not awkward enough for the champion fighter, he’ll have to work alongside Eboni Danielson, the other love of his life. The one he left behind to pursue his dream. The one he’s never forgotten…

Between the salon and her volunteer work, Eboni keeps busy to keep her mind off the man who broke her heart. So when Gunnar shows up again, she does her best to stay cool—on the outside. But the more she watches Gunnar step up and help out, the less she can deny her feelings. Soon Gunnar is doing everything he can to convince Eboni to give him a fighting chance. Can she trust him again—even when old secrets and new dangers come between them once more?


A story of three boys being adopted by a women named Queenie, she now needs help because she is sick and the oldest one comes home. His name is Gunner and he is a MMA fighter. Queen wants him to run her beauty shop, she has three different businesses and each one of the boys worked at each one and was good at the one they were at. This one he is arguing with Eboni who just happens to be a girl he liked before he left. One of the reasons he left was because he was into the streets pretty heavy, and gangs. This is really where he was learning to fight. Now he fights in a cage but he is thinking that it is time to end that part of his life and settle down. The problem is weather Eboni will have again or not. A very good book. With just the right amount of drama and light heartiness to make the story flow. Like the characters and the story. I gave this book 4 stars. I got this book from Follow us at

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