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Samanthe Beck

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He needs the kind of rescue only she can provide…

Glass artist Savannah Smith expected a marriage proposal for Thanksgiving—just not from her strong, silent, super-hot neighbor. But when misplaced mail and a wayward can of paint lands them in a compromising position right as her family arrives for dinner, they assume he’s “The One” she’s been talking about.

Then his family shows up.

Fate dealt a crippling blow to paramedic Beau Montgomery’s heart, and he isn’t about to put it at risk again. Except, with his mother crying tears of joy over his surprise engagement to the sexy little blonde next door, he can’t bring himself to ruin her “Christmas miracle.”

Somewhere between the paint can to the head and the chaotic family trip to the ER, Beau manages to talk Savannah into being his fake fiancée long enough to survive the holidays.

If, of course, they don’t fall in love first…

“…I like how you fill out your paramedic’s uniform.”
 The comment surprised him. Not the flirtatiousness—he’d never mistaken her for shy—but based on her boyfriend choices, he’d pegged her for the suit-and-tie type. “I didn’t realize you’d noticed.”
“Are you kidding? We all noticed.”
“We all?”
“Mrs. Washington in one-twenty-two—”
“Shut up. She’s ninety years old.”
“Nothing wrong with her eyesight. She fans her face and says, ‘Oooh mercy, dat ass,’ every time you walk by. And Steven in one-oh-two says next time the temperature hits triple digits, he’s going to fake a swoon and hope for mouth-to-mouth.” She lowered her voice to a whisper and added, “Don’t tell him I divulged his plan.”
As a rule, people in medical professions didn’t embarrass easily, but the thought of his neighbors discussing his…assets…did the trick. “His plan contains a fundamental flaw. He has to do more than pass out to get the kiss of life.”
The corners of her mouth tightened, pushing her lips into a sexy little pout, and his lip-biting fantasy returned in full force.
“I had no idea paramedics were so stingy with the mouth-to-mouth.”
“We like to play hard-to-get.”

Wine lover, sleep addict, and USA Today Bestselling Author of sexy contemporary romances, Samanthe Beck lives in Malibu, California.

When not dreaming up fun, fan-your-cheeks sexy ways to get her characters to happily-ever-after, she searches for the perfect cabernet to pair with Ambien.
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