TEXAS LULLABY                             CYNTHIA D'ALBA
When Fate tosses you in the deep end, it’s time to sink or swim.
Texas Montgomery Mavericks, Book 7
Lydia Henson’s four-year-long engagement to Jason Montgomery is about to end in a Texas wedding everyone is anticipating. She’s come to accept Jason doesn’t want children. She can live without children. She can’t live without the man she loves.
Jason has never wanted a family. At least, that’s his story and he’s sticking to it. The falsehood is less emasculating than the truth. Yet when tragedy on the eve of their wedding lands Lydia with her sister’s children to raise, Jason finds himself surprisingly calm in the midst of the chaos.
Everything he swore he didn’t want seems as natural as breathing. But just as he gathers the courage to grab for the golden ring, another unexpected twist threatens to tarnish what could have been a shining future.

     The love and emotion that the author is trying to convey to the reader comes through on the onset of reading this book.  Your emotions are peaked and the roller coaster is an endless peak and valley, of love and sadness right off.  So be prepared for a few tears.
     When Dr. Lydia Henson was a resident she was working at the hospital where Jason Montgomery was brought in after a car accident.  Although he recovered from the accident something happened to that 20 year old Jason that would affect him the rest of his life.  Causing him to never ever want children.  So any girl he would marry would have to understand that or keep moving.
     He had dated several different girls all thinking they would be the ones to make him change his mind, not true.  Every time he thought about settling down, Dr. Lydia was the one who came to mind.  So he pursued her until she said yes.  Ten years ago they met she was the attending doctor on call.  They had met and then one day they got on the subject of kids he got upset so did she and she walked away from the relationship.  They were at a stalemate.  She wanting kids him not.  But love won out.  The got back together she loved him too much to lose him.  She wanted Jason more than children she didn’t know.
     Fast forward ten years to their rehearsal dinner on the night before their wedding.  Her sister and husband die and she gets her sister’s three children.  In a blink of an eye their lives change.  Jason jumps right in and starts helping with all three of the kids and he is wonderful with them.  Never questioning a thing or make a bad remark or anything.  He is a champ.  He never stops wanting Lydia and lets her know it.  Jason finds emotions for these three children in the face of this emergency.  Lydia is facing that he never knew he had.  It blows him away.  Could it be he can’t stuff emotions well after all?  Can she marry this man she now puts on hold due to the accident?  He never wanted children.  He never minced words about that fact.  She loves him enough to let him go.  But can she?  I give this 5 stars.  Provided by netgalley.com.  Follow us at:


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