If anyone had told Ruby James she'd be marrying the man of her dreams after starting over at the Walker Mountain Ranch, she'd have keeled over laughing, if not crying. Yet here she is: ready to walk down the aisle with her soul mate, Sawyer Hawkins-and make the adoption of their sweet foster daughter, Brooklyn, official. But just days before the event that will make their family complete, a miraculous little wrinkle appears in her plans . . . 

Ruby's already the most beautiful woman in the world to Sawyer, but she seems to be glowing even more than usual . . . and now he knows why. Sawyer couldn't have wished for more. Soon enough he'll have a new wife, a new daughter, and a new bundle of joy. But not everyone sees a happy future for him and Ruby. With a blizzard rolling in, Sawyer must help his family-to-be weather a different kind of storm-and clear the skies for an unforgettable Rocky Mountain wedding.

     Ruby James had moved to Walker Mountain Ranch after leaving a relationship of domestic violence.  She had finally left her boyfriend and no an ex-fiancĂ© who wanted to control and keep her fearful.  So becoming a cook at the ranch just worked because Elsie asked no questions and only knew that she was in need of help, love and comfort.
     Meeting and falling in love with the local cop Sawyer Hawkins was the last thing that she ever expected to happen to her.  Because not only did she gain a boyfriend she gained friends and family.  You see Sawyer’s family owns the ranch Ruby works at.  Namely his cousin Bryce and his wife Avery and his aunt Elsie is the head chef.  His aunt Elsie is the sister to his mom.
     For a girl who was raised in the foster care system it was a bit overwhelming at first.  As their relationship heats up he asks her to marry him and they decide to adopt a young foster girl Brooklyn/Brookie who had been moved around a lot and needed a good stable home and they wanted to be it.  Sawyer had already lost a son, Matthew, and a wife, so it meant a lot to be a father.  He knew Ruby felt the same way never have either in her life.  Since Ruby had a medical disorder that lessened her chance a great deal, of ever getting pregnant.  A lot of hope of a happy family was set in motion with this adoption of Brookie.  So when a crisis occurs that threatens it will it cause it all to crumble?

     I really enjoyed this short the characters were well thought out and believable.  There are times of joy and pain.  Actually read this book first. I couldn’t understand why there wasn’t more backstory especially if it was a standalone so that might have been nice.  Still a lot of unanswered questions remain about some of the characters.  I give this 4 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at:

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