Amy Walker is steps away from her perfect job. The day she makes partner at her real estate firm will be the happiest of her life, second only to the day in junior high when her tormentor, Logan Miller, finally moved away. But fate has a warped sense of humor, because Logan is back. In her town, in her office, gunning for the same promotion. Worse, the man is sinfully hot. But that won’t keep Amy from exacting the revenge he richly deserves…
Logan had reasons for acting wild in his youth, but he still regrets the way he treated Amy. Especially once he’s sharing an office with the smart, self-controlled beauty. For one thing, she’s got a wicked sense of payback. For another, he’s realized there’s something he wants much more than a promotion. And that’s to melt the ice he helped form around her heart all those years ago and to prove that loving thine enemy can be the ultimate happy ending.
     When you grow up in a dysfunctional home where your parents are broken and they try to drag you into their madness there are bound to be scars.  That is exactly what happened to Amy Walker.  One night at the age of eleven her mother comes into her room with tears running down her face.  She wakes Amy and Although Amy can’t understand all the things she’s saying she does understand the word “divorce.”
     As her mother’s talking she is packing up all of Amy’s things.  Half asleep all Amy can do is ask what she is doing.  Amy started to panic because this would mean she would have to move away from her best friend Kristen.  Which would be wonderful her in that she would get to leave her tormenting bully that has been after her since kindergarten, Logan Miller.  She would hate to leave Kristen so she just couldn’t do that.  When finally, her father comes into her room and takes her mother by the arm and takes her out of the room telling Amy it will be okay and to go back to sleep.
     For Amy it was never the ever the same.  She never was able to unpack for fear her mother was going to come in and really say they were moving.  A month after that episode her father moved into an apartment in town.  Her bully who she hated with a passion and more than life itself, Logan, stepped up his campaign to torment her.  Once he found out my parents divorced he used that to torment her.  Which crushed her beyond anything he had done before.  A way to get to the heart of the matter where it would hurt the most her soul.  One of the best days of her life is when in junior high she arrived at school and she found out he had moved.
     Now 14 years later Amy is a whole new person.  In school her name had been Amelia Craig but she needed to feel more empowered so she changed it to Amy Walker.  She went to college and now she is a successful realtor at Rocky Mountain Realty owned by Gary Bortolo.  Where she has her eye on becoming RMR’s first partner.  Which she stands a good chance at since business has increased five-fold in four years since she has been there thanks to her.  So her confidence is high.
     Until Gary introduces a new handsome guy that showed up late to her presentation.  It turns out it’s Gary’s nephew Logan Miller.  Yup!  You got it her own personal bully.  She plays it off like she doesn’t know him and he does the same.  She’s thinking it may be because of her name change but she’s not sure.  Or he is after the partnership and is just gaming her.  She says, “Hell No!”
     See how these two work together.  See what happens when Amy finds out he has to share her office.  Not only that she has to show hi the ropes for the next month.  But when Logan’s secrets are revealed can she forgive him?  Can he see past her anger? The characters are well thought out and fun to read as they make their past come to life and make their paybacks fun to read.  I give this 5 stars.  Provided by netgalley.com.

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