4th of July 2016 Disneyland

4th of July 2016


  Well, our world wind weekend has come to an end.  I have to say.  It was a lot of fun.  Yesterday at Disneyland was so relaxing for hubby and I.  There was no one at Disneyland at all compared to any of the million and one times we have gone in the past.  So much so that Baby Girl ditched us before we even got to the gate just after passing through security.
     She checked the Disney app and saw the wait times and she was like, “WHAT?”  Then looks at us and she says, “Can I go? I can get on faster by myself the wait lines are way slow right now?  Not to mention as single rider I can get on way faster than if we are together.”  She had a blast going on everything she wanted to.  Hubby and I walked around took pictures of a few things we read about and low and behold they were true.  So we took pics of those things and then we found a nice shady spot and read from our readers and people watched.

     Then every so often our Baby Girl came and graced us with her presence and told us what was happening out in the land of Disney and then she was off again.  The high light of her afternoon was finally being able to secure after three visits to the park a BB8 drinking cup.  SCORE!!!  That just warmed her Disney Heart.   We got to see the Disney employees go through their cleaning chores and also be amazed at the low numbers in the park for the day.  I think they were just as amazed as we were.  We did way too much shopping while we were there so knowing it is so worth the passes just for the discounts you get with them.  We have the premium so we get 20% so yeah good deal and food 15% score. 
     We did for the first time go to lunch at the Carnation CafĂ©.  What a nice experience that was for Baby Girl especially with her allergies to certain foods and others that are starting to give her more discomfort.  The chef came out to our table to talk with her and went over the menu. They went over what would be the best choice for her and her taste buds.  He was so nice and accommodating it made her feel special instead of an odd duck.  Thanks for that Chef. 

     Hubby went to take pics of the Lilly Belle Mrs. Disney’s Train even though she is not moving she can still be seen and you can take pics of her.  Hubby says the pics don’t do it justice.  So if you get a chance go see it for yourself.  I was having a melt down at the time.  Truly having a meltdown.  It was hot and with the thyroid gone my temp. had reached boiling so I was in the shade drinking cold water watching Mickey & Minnie & Friends do their 4th of July dance.

     Then, we went to find the golden apple for Snow White and it was working it spoke.  We also found the Wicked Queen in the window.  You will have to see if you can see her too.  It was fun because you start looking up and she only stays out for so many second and puff she is gone. Then when people look up they can’t figure out what you are looking at.  Freak them out when you go too.  Stay and capture the fun on film see if your kids can see her or not also. 

     The highlight of the evening was having dinner with my crazy family at The Plaza having the Chicken dinner.  You get so much that Baby Girl and I always share a meal.  We ask for two plates with two rolls, two helpings of mashed potatoes, the normal portion of chicken and two drinks.  Sometimes we share a salad and for sure we all three share a dessert.  This night it was a mouthwatering strawberry shortcake.  We got there around 7:30 and drug dinner out until 9:30 until the beautiful fireworks show went off.  I have to say much better than the New Year’s Eve fireworks since they were off time zones here.  Yay!!!

Some of these shots are from our outing on Saturday evening at California Adventure.  I hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed taking them.  We enjoy the time we spend at the park together.  Or the time we spend just hanging out like this time relaxing.  
Bye for now,

Char J

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