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Curvy Women:

(Mind, Reality, Life)
It has been more than a year since I have written anything for this portion of the blog.  I had been just doing enough to get to books on the blog due to my arm being pretty much out of service.  Due to nerve damage.  I hope to start doing more on a regular basis as the whim hits me. 
Okay ladies I am figuring out that a size 14 which I am in pants at the present time is the norm.  Tops I very between a large and an extra-large.  My bras are the same way.  I don’t know how that can be since they were used up breast feeding and ladies you know what I mean by that and age took care of the rest.  Damn!  But what is left fits in a 40D and all the ladies in town always beat me to those too at Torrid (the only place I buy them) where I tend to shop due to fit and design.
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Now size 14, it is not my comfortable size, from where I was feeling fit as a fiddle from before my pneumonia shot in the nerve and my thyroid medication being off.  But you know what?  It’s okay.  It’s not even the size it’s how I am feeling while I am in that size no matter what the size is.  It could be a size 2.  If I am not feeling good it can my day turn to shit on a fast slope.  So, let’s just call it what it is “stinking thinking.”  Slowly but surely I am finding out that every day is a new norm for me and I am slowly getting my body fit again.  Do I like it?  Some days I am cool with it other days all I feel is every tuck and roll.  Part of that is just the tiredness that comes with the thyroid lacking that day and my energy level just being gone.  I just listen to my body now.  If there is anything I can stress to all the women I talk to it is, “Listen to your inner voice and when it says you are tired rest, when it says you are not feeling good see your doctor.  If your doctor can’t find something the first time and you are still feeling bad keep bugging him or get a new doctor.”  I was blessed and found a great one who I feel saved my life.  He took the back door and got me what I needed and we found the cancer.  But I am alive and breathing and that is a good thing.  So “Thank You God J
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As we were people watching at the Anime Convention and at Disneyland I was noticing and talking to the Hubby about how this new generation of women are so open and free.  They are so okay with who they are and what they wear they don’t care what anyone thinks.  How freeing is that?  Yes, people say things but like my daughter says she just says shit back to them and that’s that.  Because in the world of Anime you are taking on a persona of a character and their way of dressing. 
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So, say they dress in a mini and they are a powerful character but they are your favorite. You love them so much you want to dress just like them and you are overweight, male, small boobs or too thin but the characters have big boobs and a big butt you can dress like them and no one will shame you.
Wow, what a way of thinking an amazing openness of caring.  Now, as a mom some were really out there but I got what it was about.  For my daughter who is tiny in stature she finds Anime giving women a sense of empowerment that American cartoons don’t so it helps her feel more powerful.  She says they tend to be portrayed smarter also and they strive to reach for a higher purpose.  Not bad for a cartoon.
It’s all about owning who they are and making you feel like you can do and be anyone if you work for it.  So curvy women so can we.  But instead of putting on our mask we will be talking to one another and taking them off. 
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I love clothes I always have.  I want you to know that if you are my size then you might like to know that we can exchange tips here or if you are having issues with your weight due to your health which I so know how that feels.  If you have read any of my old Curvy Women articles you would know my story.  I have been there done that, right there with you.  We are never really on the other side.  We may lose the weight but our “stinking thinking” hangs on.  I sometimes forget I have lost any weight until I see my reflection. Amazing what our minds can do to us, right? 
Here are some different photos of ways I am learning to dress my body to address my new me.


Image result for curvy women quotesImage result for curvy women quotes
Image result for curvy women quotes

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