THE FAMILY MAN                   KELLY EADON


When life hands lemons to Beth Beverley, she makes mouthwatering lemon squares. Mostly because they're coveted by the sexy single dad who owns Belmont's most popular coffee shop. But that's where her crush on Griffin has to end. Her sweet treats are selling like crazy cakes in his shop, and she doesn't mix business with pleasure. Too bad his sinful smile has her flirting with the idea of forever.

Griffin Hall definitely needs to keep his eyes--and his hands--off Beth. Since he's traded in late-night gigs and partying for bedtime stories with his little girl in his arms, he doesn't have time for anything else. So why does Beth's big heart and easy way with his daughter make him finally feel alive again? But there's a little secret Beth doesn't know, something he can't bear to tell her . . .

     When you're young you think of blowing town especially if you come from a small farm town in Ohio.  For a Griffin Hall who learned to play guitar at five and mastered the bass off a CD he got his hands on in junior high he was going places.  He ate, drank, and slept MTV and VH1 focusing on the finger work the bass players had. Until it clicked one day he was writing his own riffs in high school.
     A friend in high school got a band together.  They managed to get a good following and become popular.  After a year college he dropped out Thorny Lemon went on to become a national success.  They traveled all over the world.  Although he loved the music the traveling sucked.  Not for the reasons you think.  He enjoyed seeing new places when he got to explore but that was hardly ever.
     But then one of the groupies he had slept with ended up pregnant and he became a father.  He sued for custody and won.  He left the band and became a fulltime parent to Mabel.  He now owns a coffee shop in Belmont called Little Ray of Sunshine. 
     Every three days there is a friend of one of his employees who has becomes has become his also, that supplies muffins.  She is just gorgeous.  Beth Beverly is just one of the sexiest women he has ever met.  Yet, when she is around he becomes a sixteen-year-old hormonal boy.
     He loves that every time she brings in her muffins she has tried a new and excitingly new recipe.  She is in new and odd styles that suit her too.  She still looks great in whatever she wears though.  She’s open and friendly and always has a smile.
     He so wants to get close to her but Mabel’s grandparent’s had tried so hard to use his past associations with the band against him and the lifestyle they felt he lived while in the band that it left him gun shy.  They live a good quiet life.  One that is healthy and happy for Mabel in order to protect her and keep her safe.
     I enjoyed reading this story.  I was a parent of a blended family as well as a child of divorce and know all too well of the fish bowl effect.  You always feel like you could or have made the wrong move.  You try to live off the radar until you feel like a ghost of who you are.
     Not good for you or the children.  One day you either say “F it” or you lose yourself.  And Griffin had to finally make that choice or lose out.  Beth had choices as well and her struggles were just as real.  I give this 4 stars.  Provided by

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