JUST MARRIED                                                    JENNA BAYLEY-BURKE

Seattle attorney Miranda Rose arrives in Las Vegas determined to keep her best friend-with-benefits from making a costly mistake – marrying some stranger just to save his family trust. But once there, Miranda discovers she’s the surprise bride! One red-hot honeymoon later, they’re back to their over-scheduled lives on opposite coasts. But a marriage of convenience with regularly scheduled sexytimes turns complicated when Miranda gets the shock of a lifetime: she's pregnant...with twins.

Miranda has always wanted a family of her own, but her infertility made it impossible. Besides, Callum’s difficult upbringing places him adamantly in the no-kid zone. Now she must decide between the man she’s been in love with for years and the children she’s longed for. Or will Callum surprise her yet again and come through when it matters most?

     Sometimes our internal struggles over our fears cause us to make decisions that are less than rational.  Or if we were to just face our fears head on.  As was the case of Callum Kerr.  He always seemed to feel he had to play an angle in order to get those he love or liked to do the same back.  Sad to say for the most part in his world he did.
     You see he was from a world of great privileges but it could not buy you everything like time and love.  So as a child at a very you age, before he could tie his own shoes, Callum was sent to boarding school.  When he was at home he had a nanny to care for him.  His father mostly traveled for work back to Scotland to the family castle and their textile company there.  Then come back to New York but he was emotionally unavailable to his family but especially his son.
     His mother Bridie was never the motherly type at least not that he can remember.  Yet, he always remembered being her micromanaging his life.  He never wanted to take over the family business which he had told his father about.  He wanted to be a lawyer.  But tradition had it that the first born would take over the textile and all the companies holding which had grown to over 20 businesses.  Or his uncle’s son, Dirk a good for nothing party boy would get all, and he planned on selling it all.
He hated the family tradition for as the saying goes, “Heir and not the spare.”  That he felt is what killed his uncle, as did Dirk. Callum got his wish and went to law school where he met Miranda Rose. 
     Miranda Rose and he started a secret affair his first year in college in Seattle.  To him it was just sex so he said.  But this affair had been going on for almost a decade and that is about how long Mira has been in love with him. Callum had bought a house and had rented it out rooms she a several other were still all good friends and lawyers to this day.  Although Callum was now a textile mogul all those that lived in the house are all still friends today and live near Mira.  Mira was from New York but she had no one.  Her parents were gone and her aunt who never really wanted the nine-year-old Mira was good too. She had gotten a job in Seattle for a good law firm so she stayed in Seattle to be near all her friends with a support group/family.
     Callum on the other hand had a job at home waiting. He ended up becoming a textile mogul anyway for his father passed away and being the first born he had to take it over.  His father’s passing was especially difficult on him.  Mira was right there for him not just for their weekend getaway either.  She was at his home for the week and she helped with the funeral and all.  Callum knew he had a decision to make after that.  So a plan soon after was set in motion when it was close to his birthday and by that date he would have to be married or Dirk would get it all.
     He calls Mira says come to Vegas tomorrow I’m flying you and the friends to my wedding I’m getting married.  I need my best girl by my side.  Mira to say the left is in shock not to mention hurt.  Her world is imploding on itself.  How could he disrespect something he knew she holds so sacred?  Her world was spinning out of control.  Mira has loved him for almost ten years but for Callum it was just a screw.  She asks to who he is getting married but he evades the question.  She says you have a prenup he says no!  Now she is pissed and tells him he is being stupid.  He says he trust he and that jealousy doesn’t look becoming on her.  Can Mira come he says?  He needs his best girl with him by his side and could she wear the dress she wore to Rob and Molly’s wedding? 
     Mira is really pissed now and says you know when I come to this there is no us?  He’s like I’m not married yet.  NO!  She says but your engaged and that’s something that to me that is important.  She tells him she knows he doesn’t take marriage as something sacred but she does.  He says but you’ll come?  She says yeah!  To talk you out of this.
     She gets there to find out he wants her as his bride but only in name their lives will remain the same.  Except free sex with each other no hiding, vacationing together, etc.…. Just live still two different places and two different lives and NO KIDS!!! Until an OOPS!
     I laughed at this story because it is every fear before marriage and of being a parent times ten all rolled up into Callum’s fear.  Poor defenseless Callum.  His problem is he never had the right tools as a child, young adult, to adult to problem solve, cope and adapt with the changes of life and emotions.  That talking is better than running away from the feelings. This author did a wonderful job of putting out there what a lot of people go through but are afraid to talk about when it happens.  She just made it so fun to read about.  Mickey was his saving grace and best friend in the end.  I give this 5 stars.  Provided by netgalley.com.  Follow us at:


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