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Rad-Reader:  How did you come up with the storyline?

Jennifer:  Being born and raised in a small town myself, I have always wanted to write about the people of one special small town and that's when I came up with the fictional town of Barnesville. I wanted to introduce the town to the readers with someone who was a newcomer to the town, but in the end it instead became Gillian who introduced us to the quaint little town by returning home after thirteen years. 

Rad-Reader:  Has it happened to anyone you have known personally?

Jennifer:  Getting drunk and becoming pregnant? No. Not really. My fourth child wasn't that planned though, and we do blame one very wet Christmas party we went to, but my mother was quite happy about it. At least she told us so when she finally managed to stop laughing… :

Rad-Reader:  Why did Andy want Gilly so much or was it just everyone in general?  

Jennifer:  She had always been the one for him, from the very start. As a child she thought of him as her very best friend, the only one she could trust completely, but to him it was love. Always and forever.

Rad-Reader:  Why did, Megan, Matthew the mayor’s wife, keep trying to pawn Matthew off on Gilly at their high school days all those years ago?

Jennifer:   Megan and Matthew partly became a couple because a cheerleader and a quarterback should be dating, at least according to everyone else. In the end Megan didn't know if she really loved Matt or if she was with him just because she was supposed to. 
But worse… What if Matt felt the same way? What if he didn't really love her? How can one insecure teenager find out if a young stud really loves her?
Rad-Reader:  Why did the Megan even marry him in the first place?

Jennifer: It felt safe. It felt secure. With Matthew she knew what she got. She knew what she had. And besides, Matthew was meant for something greater and in a small world like Barnesville… 
If you don't have the courage or spine to put your foot down and get a life, you just go with the flow and see where it takes you. And in Megan's case that meant marrying Matt. 

Rad-Reader:  Nothing was what it seemed in Barnesville.  Was that due to Rachel? Or Sally?

Jennifer: Traditions. Barnesville was grounded by the Barnes and Cranes and both Rachel and Sally is part of that heritage. To them the fa├žade means everything. But whereas Rachel's spirit was broken by her coldhearted, abusive father, Sally is one mean, heartless bitch who wouldn't do anything for anyone, not even her own son. 
She is the leader of the pack of True Barnesvillians - The Barnesville Hyenas. 
Don't you dare to be different…

Rad-Reader:  Alma had to have noticed something was up or felt something?  Andy was a doctor for goodness sacks.  Neither had any ideas? 

Jennifer: As Gillian returned home after thirteen years, everyone was thrown back into the feelings they'd had for each other when they'd last seen. And as Gillian told them that Daisy's father had stayed behind in NYC, no one thought much about it. When there is no obvious lie, people mostly believe in what they are told, and in this case there were too many feelings among the adults to even start to count days.

Rad-Reader:  What made Daisy so sure she had the right man as her father?  

Jennifer: Miss Daisy is one special girl and when she knows, she knows. 

Rad-Reader:  Even Gilly was so unsure until her mother gave her the earth shattering info.  What made her mother withhold the info knowing how Gilly felt about Luke?

Jennifer: Because that meant that Rachel would have had to open up Pandora's Box to Gillian and admit all the horrible things that had happened in the past. Rachel could only hope that the rebelliously cool and popular Luke wouldn't care much about a shy and awkward nerdy girl, when he was surrounded by all the prettiest and most popular girls in school. 

Rad-Reader:  Before prom had Luke even looked twice at Gilly?  Because he did at the diner?

Jennifer: No, he hadn't. Oh, he knew she was crazy for him, everyone knew. It was a bit hard to miss. He had thought about her once or twice, but, as he told Gillian, he knew Andy had a thing for her and he wasn't the one to go between a friend and a girl, especially not when there were so many other girls craving his attention. 

Rad-Reader:  Was Gilly really in Love with Luke or the idea of Luke back then or as a means to anger her mother for always being so mean to her?

Jennifer: Gillian was in love with love. To her it all came down to someone loving her, just as she wanted her mother to, and who would be better than the most popular kid in school, Luke? All the girls in school were crazy for him, and as he was totally out of her reach he was a perfectly safe candidate to offer her heart to. 

Rad-Reader:  Why would she want Luke over Andy back then or now?  Andy has always been there for her, held her, loved her, listened to her.  Luke nothing…

Jennifer: Andrew was like the brother she'd never had. And as her hormones started to roam in her body, she became stubbornly infatuated with the untouchable Luke and simply never thought much further. Gillian never realized what she had with Andy until she finally was adult enough to let go of the dream of Luke.
Rad-Reader:  If your book was made into a movie who would you want to play…

Gillian:  Madison Riley

Andrew:  Liam Hemsworth

Daisy:  Kristina Pimenova

Luke:  Garrett Hedlund

Rachel:  Helen Mirren


Rachel: Carmen Dell'Orefice
Rad-Reader: Oh! Good one!!!

Rad-Reader:  What song out now best describes your book or the relationship or your characters?
“Just A Friend to You” – Jennifer Wenn  

"Home" - Blake Shelton

Rad-Reader:  Did you always want to be a writer or is it something that you just fell into?

Jennifer: I have been writing books since I was a child, but never got further than a couple of chapters. Not until I was on maternity leave with my second child and my husband got tired of hearing me chant that 'someday I will finish a book' and told me to get my butt in the chair and do it did I actually write The End for the first time. A true champagne moment.

Rad-Reader:  As a child what was your favorite book?

Jennifer: I loved, loved, LOVED Anne of Green Gables. 
Rad-Reader: Loved the movies first then the books. So good. :)

Rad-Reader:  What is your next project and when is it due out?

Jennifer: I have just finished my fourth historical romance about my infamous Darling family and also a novella set in Barnesville about a man, a book and a librarian. I am now about to get to know another Barnesvillian closer as I have just started to write his story and that gorgeous hunk is no other than…Luke!

Rad-Reader:  Where can our readers buy your books?

Rad-Reader:  Where can our reader find you on the Web?
Jennifer: My website is www.jenniferwenn.com, my facebook site is www.facebook.com/jenniferwenn, my twitterhandle is @jenniferwenn and I am on Goodreads at www.goodreads.com/jenniferwenn
God love this woman.  She was getting ready to leave on a holiday cruise and she was nice enough to agree to do the interview.  She answers all the questions sends all the info needed for you see all that I get to present for you about her books and all.  Except there was just one little glitch.  When she sent back the answers for the questions for some reason they were not showing up on my end.  The poor thing must have sent them 3-4 times when I said you know what when you get back let’s worry about it then.  If we miss a week it’s okay.  You enjoy your holiday and no worries. 
     Do you know what she gets back and we were in L. A. at the Museum of Tolerance when I got her email she had sat down and sent them to me by cutting and pasting it all to a new sheet and sent it so we could have it in time for you all to have it for today.  I would say that is dedication. 
     When I can’t even get some authors to respond to my letters for interviews.  I have to say.  Bravo!  I guess some authors are just that popular.  But this author is not only popular but a sweet funny lady who has a crazy household like we all do and still found the time to make my day so thank you so much Jennifer for making this FANGIRL happy.
Now you are stuck you are now a 1 Rad-Reader Misfit.  Come by and visit again soon.
Thanks again,

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  1. It is I who should thank you so much for having me and especially for being so nice when my holiday-brain kept screwing up, again and again and again. I wish I could blame the red wine but really, I can't...lol...
    Again, thank you so much for having me!
    Jennifer Wenn


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