SUMMER IRREVERENCE                                CATHRINE GOLDSTEIN

Summer of Irreverence -- THE ROCK STAR
(The New York Artists Series) 

Straight-laced, veterinary surgeon, Summer Wynters is ready to break the rules. And who better to break them with than the most irreverent of all men, mega rock star Malcolm Angel? With one last summer free from work obligations, Summer moves to New York City, and at the coaxing of her friend, pretends to be a model so she can spend one wild night with Malcolm. 

Rock star, Malcolm Angel, tortured by a dark past, may be the poet laureate of romance, but he, like science-minded Summer, has never believed in romantic love. How could he? With his history, he doesn’t deserve to be loved.

When Summer’s honesty, kindness, and exuberance for life changes his perspective, the two discover they are in deeper than either dreamed possible. But when Malcolm discovers Summer’s been perpetuating a lie, will he forgive her? Even if forgiveness is possible, can a man immune to love teach someone else to believe in it?

     What a gut wrenching, powerful, and inspiring book all rolled into one.  This is a book of new beginnings with several bumps along the way.
     It opens with two childhood friends Summer Wynters taking the summer for herself.  After being in college and veterinary school, to become a surgeon.  She also just got out of a year and half relationship with Dr. Brad her professor and future boss.  But she was not only feeling stagnant in her life but she was feeling unfulfilled in the bedroom.  Dr. Brad was a one-way kind of guy.
     She wanted more.  She wanted one night of passion maybe up against the was at least.  So going to New York to hang out with her BFF Jeanette who is a top model for the summer seemed like the perfect solution.  Especially, when Jeanette’s boyfriend Elijah is the manager for the world’s hottest rock band out right now.  She asked her to score them backstage passes to a meet and greet and leave the rest up to her.  She wanted to meet and bed Malcolm Angel.  Yeah and her and fifty million other women.
     That is when Jeanette when into model mode transforming the already beautiful, curvy and somewhat shorter Summer into a model.  Explaining that all Malcolm ever bedded or dated if you wanted to call it that was models.  So Jeanette spent a fortune on her and boy Summer didn’t even know she could look that good.  She was more of the no makeup ponytail kind of girl especially being a vet. 
     Jeanette could not believe her ears though when her little Summer was telling her what she wanted to do.  Summer was not a one-night stand kinda girl.  So she explained how Malcolm used and discarded girls nightly.  But Sum told Jean she knew what she was doing so Jean set it up for her.  Jean glammed Sum up and told her that they would be telling Malcolm that she is a model.  So expect to be taken to his hotel room after the meet and greet and they have checked her ID.  Sum said okay.
     Malcolm Angel was getting ready to go on stage when he was in the side wings looking out at the front row.  He sees Jeanette, Elijah’s girl with this beautiful woman who was laughing with her complete self with such abandon.  Making her look completely gorgeous.  He tried to shake it off because of what happened to him almost 17 years ago that makes him feel so undeserving of love, friends or pleasure.  When he realizes he’s smiling from watching her.  He makes it on stage he finds his eyes drifting to her.  He even winks at her.  He has no idea why it has never happened to him before.
     Malcolm hates the feelings and reaction that are happening in her presence.  He ends up pulling her on stage to sing to her then after the song asks to stay to have dinner with him.  Sum says, “Ok!”  Jean backstage once again goes over the ground rules of being with him.  She still agrees but the night goes awry so he ask her to brunch the next day.
     See how these two walk the minefields of their lives of secrets and lies.  That they have omitted to reveal to others and to themselves in order to deal with their lives in a productive way.  What secrets are too painful to share with anyone else but these perfect soldiers of their guarded hearts?  Can they find love or is really as they believe a myth sold to us by department stores and greet cards?
     I enjoyed the gut wrenching truths that were shown through the secrets revealed from their pasts.  Yet, when there were things to laugh about there was no holding back they were just too funny.  These characters were complex and real and that made this book an enjoyable read.  I give this book 5++++ stars.
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