VISIBLY BROKEN                                     CHELSEA CAMARON & MJ FIELDS

In a powerful, smoldering novel from the bestselling authors of the Caldwell Brothers series (“Bad boy heroes to die for!”—Tracy Wolff), two tortured souls team up to overcome the past, finding the courage to heal . . . and to love.

Jason “Cobra” Stanley was born to fight. With a father like his, he had to toughen up just to survive. Now Cobra tries to take out all of his frustration, all of his anger, and all of his pain in the MMA cage. But after he receives one too many hits to the head during a match with Jagger Caldwell, the cycle of violence comes to a screeching halt. Cobra wakes up in the hospital, under the care of a nurse whose blond hair shines like a halo—and whose pure heart touches him on the deepest level.

Lorraine Bosch is a fighter too. Having escaped from her own controlling father, she prides herself on remaining professional, despite the chaos of the ER. But Cobra is the ultimate distraction. Lorraine knows she should run away screaming from his rippling muscles and shattered psyche. And yet how can she deny this broken man a second chance—especially since she knows exactly what he’s been through? Lorraine’s used to playing guardian angel. Now it’s her turn to find heaven in Cobra’s arms.

          Jason (Cobra) Stanley never stood a chance with a father like the one he had.  Who needs enemies.  One of the earliest messages that he learned from his mother is, “The more he reacts, the more he loves me.”  All while you are being beaten of course.  Her sick way of being a good mother but what can you say to a broken woman.  She had to be able to justify allowing her son to be beaten by this monster call his father.
     It got to the point where there was no reason he could figure out for being beat it could just be for bad weather that day or at that minute.  He would just go to another place in his mind.  He knew he had become physically able to fight back yet he never did he just took it.  He couldn’t even tell you why if you asked him.
     At nineteen he joined a gym that taught him boxing and he took on his father.  But then one night his father had men hold him so he could give it back again.  Once he got into the illegal ring that is where he got his anger out at his father.  But when him and his girlfriend Missy whom he truly loved at the time moved in together things were great for a while.  The first time he put hands on her was to stop her from leaving him.  As he put after that she just got off on it.  Then the hitting started.  He swore it would never happen again.  The make-up sex was out the roof.  It just became a sick game of hurt.
      Three years later her jealousy has become old.  When he met Tatiana “Mouse” Rand Caldwell and they became friends (which still drives her husband crazy.)  He started making changes in his life because Tatiana saw good in him.  One major thing for his is that “Mouse” thinks is that he has made a promise not to put hands on a woman again.  And he will keep that promise to Mouse.  So, instead of hitting Missy he hits the tile in the shower.  Tatiana said love shouldn’t hurt either of them it might be time to move on.  To cut his ties with Missy.  He told her not yet that he loved her.  He said he truly wants to be a better man for the first time in his life and that this was supposed to be the better times for the two of them if he could just get her to see it. 
     When Brock calls later that day and says there is a fight.  This is not a normal fight because when he gets there not in a ring it is like a parking lot.  Not hardly any people.  Not feeling it but he needed to hit something.  But it goes wrong and Cobra ends up in the hospital.  Brock has to drop him and run.  That is the way it is done in the underground world of fighting.  He knew his friend needed help bad so he got it but Cobra knew that he couldn’t say how he got hurt or he was a dead man with the fighting club not to mention his father the mayor would come after him for disgracing the family.
     That beating causes him a lot of pain and hurt.  The doctor says they called the person down on his phone as ICE (in case of emergency.)  He knows he is screwed every way but Tuesday.  Because as a joke he had Mouse as that person and well that means at one in the morning she would be calling Missy. Meaning well, she would be on the warpath.  But what he is Jonesing on now is the Angel that has been soothing him since he got here the nurse.  Beautiful blonde hair in a ponytail and gorgeous blue eyes.  As he is dozing thinking about her gentle hands on him he hears Missy screaming.  He has to go.  Sure enough she has brought close.  They are coming at a price but so be it.  He takes out all the tubes and monitors and gets dress.  As Missy is yelling about me and Mouse having an affair I yell enough.  I say it’s over.  That I am done we are done.
     I walk out of the ER.  I go out and call Brock to come get me.  As I am waiting I see the Angel that took care of me leaving to go home.  I call to her but I scare her.  She walks faster.  I call again.  When she gets in her car and starts the engine I knock on the window.  When she turns I say HI it’s me from the ER she rolls the window down about a half inch.  I tell her thanks for helping me and if she ever needs anything to give him a call really that he owes her.  He jots his name and number down and tries to give it to her.  She doesn’t move so he just drops it through the window.  She backs up and leaves.
     Just as she is leaving Brock his right hand man shows up.  He tells him to follow her.  Brock is like don’t you think you should get rid of Missy before you move on to a new one.  Jason says I just broke up with her after this we will have to go by the condo to pick up a few things.  He follows her to a very nice neighborhood but he doesn’t go down the street.  But he does note the address.  The rest of the night his thoughts kept going back to Angel (Lorraine).  The next night he was feeling somewhat better but he was feeling restless and horny so he goes to a sex club.  He meets a lady there with black hair but with Angel’s eyes.  They could be twins.  Things get hot and heavy.  They both lose control.  Which scares Heidi, which they don’t give names but that is what she is going by, so right after they connect she right away retreats to the restroom.  Jason waits outside the restroom for her.
     After waiting for what he feels is a long enough time he asks the next woman coming out what happened to the woman dressed like Heidi.  She says she just climbed out the window.  Jason takes off out of the club straight for the parking lot he sees her jump into a car so does he and he follows her.  She parks in a lot and so does he but he loses her on foot.  So he leaves.  He realizes he is just a block or so away from Angels and heads over that way. 
     He parks across the street and just watches her house feeling guilty because he had sex with a woman that looked a lot like her when he really wanted Angle.  He sees lights going on and there is a dark haired lady with a bat but when he gets out of the car and looks again he sees Angel standing there with her ponytail and then she just goes to the ground.   All he can think of is saving Angel.  He pulls out his lockpick device and his pocket knife to dismantle the alarm.
     All Angel knows when she wakes up is Jason is pissed and he knows her full name.  He knows all about her family and the condition of her home.  Not to mention he was the one that brought her to the hospital.  When he sees how familiar the older doctor Bennett is with Angel he gets possessive.  He does not share well with others.  He had already marked her at the sex club.  Or did he?  Now he feels confused but he plans to get to the bottom of it.  Which he can’t do if she is in the hospital or goes home with this doctor.  What is really going on?  What game is Angel playing?  Whose toes is she stepping on?  Should Jason worry about her?   Can he even walk away or was their first encounter at the hospital just to powerful?

     I can’t believe this book.  It was an amazing read.  I liked the first book but this one I loved.  The reason being Cobra.  The character to hate in the last book and in this one you can’t help but end up just loving him at the end.  He turned into a true meaning of what a man should be.  Turned his stone cold heart into a loving warm home.  I could not figure out who did it until the reveal~~~Man you got me which is usually had to do!  I give this book 5++++ stars.  Provided by  Follow us at:

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