FALLING INTO LOVE                   MELODY ANNE, SARA RIDE, SAMANTHA JOYCE JOYCE,                                                                                                                              RACHEL GOODMAN

Cuddle up and fall in love with this collection of five wonderful romances. Whether you’re in the mood for saucy or sweet, small town or big fame, sports or cooking, this anthology has it all, featuring a novella from New York Times bestselling author Melody Anne and your new favorite debut authors: Sara Rider, Samantha Joyce, L. E. Bross, and Rachel Goodman.

Once Taken by Melody Anne: A new lodge has opened in the hills of Montana and its owner, Jenna Pine, just wants to make it through another lonely Christmas. One night she says a prayer out loud on her balcony, never imagining that anyone would be listening, or that she’s about to get more than she could ever hope for.

For the Win by Sara Rider: What happens when you fall for your biggest competition? Sara Rider scores with this charming romance about soccer stars battling their tough opponents and playing the field of love.

Flirting with Fame by Samantha Joyce: Elise Jameson is the secret author behind the bestselling Viking Moon series. But when a stranger poses as Elise, the painfully shy, deaf nineteen-year-old starts to see how much she’s missing. Can she really hide in the shadows forever? This clever, coming-of-age debut is for anyone who has ever felt unsure in her own skin.

Right Where You Are by L. E. Bross: In this smart, snappy romance—the first in the Second Chances series—a college senior finds herself sentenced to community service, where she happens to meet a bad boy who might just be exactly what she needs.

From Scratch by Rachel Goodman: This critically acclaimed novel, hailed as “smart, sexy, and funny” (Publishers Weekly) is a down-home, feel-good Southern romance that explores one woman’s journey back home to Dallas, Texas, where her family is cooking up a plan that doesn’t quite suit her tastes…


     Jenna and Carter went to highschool together at 16 when Carter saw her he knew he had to have her.  He told his friend Michael he was going to date her.  He thought Carter was crazy.  They were 16 and just starting the dating scene.  When he went to Jenna and announced he was taking her out that night she was, “Yeah right, good luck with that.”  He was stunned.  Every girl wanted him she had to know that.  Right?
     Michael was laughing his ass off.  Carter’s response he was going to “marry her.”  It took poor Carter a boatload of rejections to get that first date.  It was a year and a half but he got it.  It was another three months before he got his first kiss.  Once they kissed they knew there would be no one else for either of them.  Then, tragedy strikes sending Carter into a tail spin.
     It turns him into a man Jenna doesn’t even know or recognize.  He had disappeared right before her eyes.  10 years and a wish later passes and Jenna’s aunt passes away.  Leaving her the inn in Montana.  It was the one that Jenna had grown up in with her aunt.  It’s riddled in back taxes, debt, and repairs but she is determined to make a go of it.  When she makes a wish.
     This is a heartwarming, sexually charged and highly emotional story of two ex-lovers who come together not to have a relationship but just to meet natural needs for the time they will be around each other.  Wow!  Always love Melody’s story’s the spin she can give to an average happening.
     I give this story: 5 stars

For the Win: Sara Rider
     Lainey used to have posters up in her room of Gabe he has been her idol for years in the soccer world up there with Pele. Not today though all she feels is that he has mocked her. She does not like that feeling at all. If the rags are correct about him he thinks that his sexy smile will endear him to her and is does in all the wrong places for this event but not what needs to be happening right now or anytime for that matter she will put it on her bucket list. (For things she wants to do after she wins the World Cup for the second time.)
     It’s when he says that she should go with his lead that gets her as if she needs his help. That really gets her goat and that is what gets them in even bigger trouble because she just talks off the top of her head. 
You see Gabe is a secret admirer of Lainey’s also. But he can’t let on because inside him he has a real fear of what it would mean to practice at the Cricket Field. It is just the way he has grown up. What or who will it take to get him to get out of that way of thinking?
     As far as Lainey she has been so dedicated to her sport she has no time to live and one of the things on her bucket list is get a library card. Something most of us takes for granted but she can’t find the time to do because she spends her every waking moment working at her craft. She’s good but who or what can make her see what she is missing and who?
     Very cute story about a young woman who was always made to feel made to feel different and not equal to a man. And her fight to make it in a man’s game and to help women make the cross over. Yet, she comes to realize she has no friends, no life, and no man until she meets her idol Gabe.
     I gave this story: 5 stars.

     This was a little hard at first for me to get into but once all the supporting characters came into play, WOW!  What a mixture of dynamic personalities in a multilayer storyline that just all works so well.  It just makes you want to keep turning the page.  It has you booing for the good guys and cheering for the good guys (males or females I won’t tell.) Shhh! ;)
     It’s about Elise Jameson a young woman inured as a young person to where she is not only scarred but is totally deaf.  The only time she ever felt like she could still hear is when she was writing.  All the characters had something to say.  What started that path was reading the author Duncan Creed who gave her hope.  Through that hope, she found a new way to use that sound to write a book that became a bestseller.  It has now become a series of books that became a T.V. series.
     Only as a minor at sixteen and being hounded by her agent for a picture for a book back cover she panicked.  She sent one of a beautiful woman off the internet to go with her pen name.
They bought it.  Now, the third book is coming out, she’s in the works for number four the final one and they are picking up the book for a T.V. series.
     Like that wasn’t bad enough her parents are making her go to college and stay in the dorms even though her house is 20 minutes away.  Also, her agent calls to say how lucky she is that the T.V. show is moving the show to her hometown so she can be near set in case they need her.  There is a small matter when she goes to the book signing of the third book and the woman on her book cover is there signing as if she were her.  WHAT THE HELL!
     She and her BFF Lin are floored.  She has to think what to do. Lin, he says to confront the B….!  You will not believe what all happens but it is fun and enjoyable to read.
     I give this story: 5 stars.

     Avery Melrose Hartley was in a relationship with Grant for almost four years.  When she arrived at his apartment and found him banging the out of some blonde in the bed they shared.  As she left his apartment he shared with a roommate she grabbed Grants baseball bat he always left by the door on her way out.  She walked over to his pride and joy and started beating the hell out of it.  Beat out all the windows and mirrors first.  Then started on the body before the roommate and Grant could pry the bat out of her hands.
     He tried to tell her it wasn’t what she thought.  Well, either was the truck she said.  Now they were even.  Only now he took her to court and now she has a record with fifteen thousand dollars to pay him in damages.  Not to mention three hundred community hours doing road work in scratchy orange jump suits.  Which does not make her father and lawyer one in the same happy at all.  You see he’s running for mayor who’s tough on crime.  Plus, he’s the D.A.   The only good thing he had it filed under her mother’s maiden name.  Grant after was gloating until she announces for all to hear from her mouth out to everyone why she did what she did.  He wasn’t laughing anymore.
     Avery being an overachieving child but a very rich pampered daughter tried to have her dad get her out of it but he said no.  She said she had her sorority agenda to do but he said she had to take a semester off but she said she couldn’t it was her senior year you don’t do the hours he said you go to jail.  Not happy when he says remember you now have a record you are a criminal.
     Now Seth is being acclimated back into the community after serving twelve months in prison.  Because he said he would have three months’ community service.  For beating his crap out of his stepfather.  You see his mom married him when Seth was ten and by fourteen she was dead from an overdose.
     Within, three months his stepfather had gotten her hooked on heroin, running drugs, and turning tricks for him also.  When, she died Davis ended up with the kids.  Seth went off the deep end acting out when he got his senses back and started watching and paying attention to his baby sister Sara, he realizes she is acting just like his mother.  He asked her if she was using, she said she was and that Davis had given it to her.  When he confronted Davis about it he called child protective services saying he was acting out and was being violent.
     Locking him in juvie for a while.  When he was allowed out and to come home again he came home one day in the middle of a transaction where his sister, sixteen, was higher than a kite, and was being offered up for the drugs.  He lost it.  Out on work program and his CS program.  Meets Avery one night before they both start serving their sentence.  Now things get sticky.
     Sometimes things happen in our lives that are bigger than us.  With this story the author shows that not all things were done out of our control.  Sometimes we have to rely on the power of love and friendship.  Other times we just need to get out of our own way.  This was a very touching story that was one you just didn’t want to put down.
     I give this story, 5++++ stars.

     This was an amazingly good book.  I so enjoyed the lifelong friendships, the angst, her father, and the community budding in out of love.  The situations of the friendships of their pasts are funny and heartbreaking all at once.
     Lillie Turner and Nick Preston have known each other since she was five and he was seven.  They were best friends through thick and thin.  Him loving music and she loving to cook.  Which was good since her dad owned Turner’s Greasy Spoon.
     It used to be her mother’s pride and joy until one day her mother disappeared. No one knew what happened to her.  All anyone knew is that after she had Lillie she became despondent.  Leaving three-year-old Lillie with her dad.  Having to quit his job to take over the restaurant or lose it and the house.  He couldn’t afford either.  Using the recipes his wife left behind he made it work.
     Until Lillie started cooking at a young age.  When she could stand on a chair she wanted to cook with her dad.  She would order him around and tell him what she wanted and he would do it and they would taste it.  He was amused when these little hands would come up with such creations.  Eventually the “blue plate special” came into play.
     Nick on the other hand came from old money.  His father was a well-known heart surgeon, fifth generation, and by gosh so would Nick be.  Although Nick groomed to be one his heart was just not in it.  With his love of music always his first choice.  From the first day Lillie’s dad, Jack, taught him to play the guitar.
     He got so good at it he was even writing his own songs. As his and Lillie’s friendship and support for their individual interest they grew closer.  Her listening for hours and him helping her with recipes, well as much as she would let him.
     That’s when that first kiss happened.  It was an explosion that lasted and a love that opened up and grew quickly and, forever right?  As their love grew she moved in with him.  He did his residency started to change him with all the odd hours and the cases.  Nick started becoming more and more detached.  More angry, short tempered, never just wanted to spend time together, cuddle, and he wouldn’t even talk to her when he was home.  He felt like she was attacking him if she dared ask how his day was so she stopped asking. 
     Till the one fateful night, when she really needed to talk to him.  She had been crying and she really needed to discuss her situation with him and he got angry with her and before she could even say what was even wrong he discounted her feelings.  He blew up at her and throwing a plate at a wall that was on the coffee table.  That night she realized she was worth more than to be treated that way.  She was hurt so deeply and need to get out while he was sleeping or she would never go.  She packed a bag and she left what she needed to talk to him about on the bar in the kitchen and left.
     See if things can be saved.  See what can happen when you don’t try and even if you think you do.

     I give this story:  5 ++++ stars.

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