InD’Scribe Author Reader Conference 2016 From to Newbies point of view.


Author Reader Conference
Can't thank this woman enough for her tireless efforts to put this event on. 
TJ MacKay Publisher & Editor-in Chief

          I am sure you guessed already that I never got to my computer to blog.  We were in non-stop class during the day and parties at night.  In between there we got to eat when we could.  So here is a run-down of what our weekend was like and some fun pics.  Let me just say it was amazing.
     I know I had promised to do a daily blog on my adventures at the InD’Scribe Author Reader Conference but we hit the ground running. It has been nonstop classes, meet and greets, friendship building, helpful hints and learning to admit how to own wanting to be a writer. Best part ever having authors here who are bestselling authors giving you encouragement and saying, “Go for it!  Here’s how we can help.  What can we do to get you over your fear to the next step?”  But mainly, “Just to own it.”
     My dream became more real for me when I became ill and so sick that all I could do was start reading. Happened upon a series and then it was nonstop.  This from a girl who hated reading and who was led to believe she wasn’t good at it.  To get rid of the craziness in my head once I found out I indeed had cancer I started writing to help remove the anger.  Once that was gone words just started to come.  Words I never thought I had in me.  Stories started coming.  I always enjoyed writing when I was younger.  Forgot what fun it could be.  Now it is resurfacing. 
     Being was a fearful dream come true.  Once I voiced my fears to two of the authors (Christine Fairchild and Kim Hornsby) they said lead with that you will get more people willing to help.  They will all share their knowledge.  And they were.  Everyone was so encouraging.  No one said a mean word or looked at you funny at all.
     Hubby was wonderful.  We bought a good deal of books. I have to say though he chatted up several authors that he’s read and was given free books as well. He even talked them into getting an interview in exchange for the reading their book. He followed my networking exchange.  If you knew how much that is not him and that it means the world to me.  I know how hard that was for my hubby to get out of his comfort zone.  He is not really a huge talker until he gets to know people.  Or he is into a subject. 
     But the subject of the first book romance he ever read could have not been better because it so happened to be the, Marina Adair, author of the Hallmark movie you all probably watched this last Saturday night was there.  She was just so pleased to hear from a man’s point of view about several of her books.  I just had a blast watching him interact with her and the author next to her. For he had read one of her books too.  It was just too funny to watch because he was just so animated.  He secured an interview from her and was just so pleased to let me know he was networking for me.  God I love that man. 
     I have to FANGIRL for a minute. I GOT TO MEET AN HUG RACHEL VAN DYKEN OMG!!! She is even more beautiful in person.  Can I just say that her hubby, Nate, is Gorgeous?  I Love my Hubby.  Hey!  I got eyes.  One of the nights Friday our table won a game played at the mixer.  Nice prizes in the bag from her, from Rachel.  Was that just a little too FANGIRL?  Maybe but oh well.  Look at it this way one lucky reader will be given the book that was included in a giveaway once we are done reading and reviewing it.  I also got to meet her sister who is also a writer and now I get to gush double for Kristin Vayden so she was a surprise secret to me. Yay!!! So find her and read on people I will be.
     Had a glass of wine Friday night at the mixer and it kicked my ass.  Okay, you can stop laughing now.  I’m a light weight I admit it.  At the time it wasn’t too bad it was the next morning.  I forget the reasons I don’t drink until the migraines.  Not to mention I had not been drinking a lot of water during the conference.  I must have gotten dehydrated.  Yeah well plus I forget that I had been going nonstop since Thursdays.
     Not to mention that the Fatigue from the thyroid also kicked ass Saturday morning.  But what got me laughing was Baby Girl’s calls that morning face timing me saying, “How’s it going mom?”  “I am beat to the curb. Baby, we have been going to classes all day and then parties at night where dad & I we’re dancing.  But last night I had a glass of wine and it kicked my ass.” “So, your like at college.”  I couldn’t stop laughing.  That girl of ours.  Her dry sense of humor is like her dad’s.
     Hubby was out most of Saturday morning until we left at
11:00 a.m. to go to a mixer.  Then I got a second call from my daughter all excited, from the Tehachapi Apple Festival.  Saying, “Hey mom guess what I just bought this whole organic cookbook from this lady that does all these recipes for people like us with problems with their stomachs.  I told her that my mom does reviews on books that if she likes it she would put it on her blog and do an interview.  Did I do okay?”  I just melted.  “That was just perfect Baby.”  Even she is thinking about you the readers.  She is on the lookout too for what we can share with you in the world of books.
     I am adding a series of fun and exciting pictures we have taken throughout the four days and three nights at the InD’Scribe Author Reader Conference.  Just know that next year when it comes around I will be keeping you in the loop because there will be a date where it is open to the public.  There will be book signings where you can go to a book fair and get some of your favorite authors to autograph your books.  There will be games and prizes where you can even win books.  How cool is that?  This year there was a zip drive that has over 50 books.
     We went to the awards and gala where the authors were honored for their work.  Some were so surprised it was fun to watch.  A couple were late bloomers as they said to this game of writing so they were truly grateful for the awards.  Which was exciting to see.  All the events were decorated beautifully and the entertainment was very nice.  All in all, we were so glad we attended this year’s conference.
    Although we were beat to the curb when we got home and slept most of yesterday once we unpacked.  It was so worth it.  The new friendships we formed I hope we keep forever.  The lessons we learned we invaluable as far as what we need to continue on this journey I am undertaking.  Because it is a us thing.  It was so encouraging to see the husband and wife teams for the supportive spouse that was the writer.  Thank you to all the authors that were so gracious this weekend you are so talented and just so down to earth and a hoot to party with.
I am owning it I am a writer: Christine and Kim that is for you.
Thanks again readers for letting me once again gush,
Char & Pat

Classes were all day for 2 1/2 days and the were filled with info galore.
Author and Editor Christine Fairchild pictured above.

Victoria Vane, Victoria Zak, Linda Rae Sande, Maureen O. Betita, Arial Burnz, & Suzan Tisdale
CONTEST: Who is the Master at Heart-Melting? 
They even brought a ringer in hoping to sway the judging, Michael Foster, male cover model.
It didn't work!

 Dreamweaver's Dance

Speaking of Male Cover Models they seemed to be everywhere and you just couldn't help but ask for a pose or two or three.  But male cover models are not to be taken lightly anymore.  As you will see in my next article with the two men I am pictured with above as they start a new venture that will put a new spin on how we all look at the male model from now on.  Sean & Foster are two of the nicest guys you will ever want to meet and have lovely families.  Yet, they don't mind all the fun we all have with them and let me tell you we do have fun. Yay!!!

Saw Rachel Van Dyken earlier in the day and got to hug her but I was so awestruck I forgot to ask Hubby to take my pic.  At the mixer got these of her giving us all at our table our stash.  Yay!!! Our table won only because the authors we were working with were more creative at cheating and honest about it. :)

Andy Peloquin at left

My two new besties Jenny Corrine & Michelle Irwin love the hat :) (Go Check out Michelle's book's but keep an eye out for Jenny she is the next new writer.) Both on Facebook.

Friday long day night another dance for Gothic dress.  Migraine starting again can you tell?

We all played a round of mixer games like Jinga,
dress-up selfies and won big books, books, and more books.

 Rachel Van Dyken top.

To the Left Rebekah R. Ganierre.

To the Right Kim Hornsby.

Below Kristin Vayden

To the right Elsie Faber.

To the right Victoria Vane.

 Victoria Vane, Collette Cameron, Tami Lund, Donna Michaels, Elizabeth Rose & Arial Burrnz
Playing Romantic Pursuit our team lost yet we all left winners.

 Victoria Vane

Totally okay with his manhood he had to show Collette's son how it was done :)


 Rolynn Anderson

Jenny Corrine, Aaron Michael Ritchey, Michelle Irwin, & your's truly.
New Besties
& Hubby completes the group.

 Dragon made out of swimming noodles and paper. Eyes out of Christmas ornaments with red nail polish.

 Once again this would not of happen without all the hard work from this beautiful woman from the inside and out.  Let's not forget her hard working staff at InD'tale Magazine for all they did also.
 Gala Selfies 2016


  1. It was great fun to meet you guys! And read this blog. Like coming home from summer camp and missing everyone, right?

  2. So true. I am having so much fun looking at all our pictures and writing this up. I still have the piece to finish up on Michael and Sean's interview I did with them. But great fun. I want you to know I have been work on my book and I even have a friend or two or three or more that have offered to help. Thanks for all your wonderful advice. Love your friend.


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