IT MUST BE CHRISTMAS: Three Holiday Stories


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, when love is in the cold and frosty air—and desire reaches the boiling point. . .

Hot Toy 
From New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Crusie comes a hilarious, sexy story about a determined shopper who grabs the last action figure off the shelf, only to find herself plunged into the arms of a sexy secret agent. Mayhem under the mistletoe ensues. Business as usual this Christmas season…right?

Christmas with the Billionaire Rancher 
Nate wants to stay away from all the women who want his money in Mandy Baxter’s story set deep in the heart of Texas. But when gorgeous do-gooder Chloe Benson comes knocking at his door—in search of funds for her charity—Nate can’t ignore the passion he feels for her. Maybe love is priceless after all?

Christmas at Seashell Cottage 
’Tis the season in Jewell Cove when local doctor Charlie Yang finds her quiet, steady life disrupted by both an abandoned baby in the nativity manger and ex-SEAL Dave Ricker. Are these turn of events too good to be true? Or is Christmas working its magic—for real— Donna Alward’s heartwarming holiday story?

Hot Toy
     Trudy Maxwell is a woman who has been wronged by several men along the way and disappointed by even more.  Most of all her father.  She doesn’t let it keep her down she keeps on going.  This librarian is not your simple minded manner gal.  No she is bubbly and outspoken.
     That is exactly why Nolan Mitchell had asked her out.  But when he had taken her on a grand total of three dates she was soft spoken and quiet.  Nothing like at work.  Where he is a Chinese Literature Professor.  So, by the third he just never called after that.
     On Christmas eve she bumps into him while shopping for her nephew Leroy.  You see her sister, Courtney, is going through divorce since her ex-husband ran off with the nanny.  Which is really not surprising since he originally ran off with Courtney being he was originally Trudy’s boyfriend.  Well, before he left he promised him Santa would bring him the hot toy, Major Mac Gruffin.  So, Aunt Trudy’s the one out looking for it since Leroy just mentioned it.
     So there in the store with her is Nolan.  She is not happy.  He wants to let bygones be bygones. She says NOT.  He says he’s sorry he never called but could she blame him because she was nothing like herself on the dates.  Which really pissed her off and she wanted to blow but they were in public.  She said well he took her to two faculty functions that behavior matters she should know her father is a professor so she was trying to help his career.  The last date if he could recall she said is that awful Chinese foreign film he took her to.  Which by the way was a total downer which he would not know about since he had gotten a call soon after it started and left to take it.  Leaving her with a theater of weeping depressed people.  So, no she didn’t want to be friends. 
     Then this this turns into a whole cat and mouse game of chase with a third party that just never fit right for me.  I just never got totally engaged with the story.  It was cute though just not engaging for me. I give this 3 stars.

Christmas at Seashell Cottage
     What a fun story.  This couple had you from the beginning.  Their chemistry is fun, sassy, and serious all rolled up into one.
     This is about Dr. Charlie Yang.  Who has been lusting over a guy on the docks during her lunch hours.  After a year of living in Jewel Cove, Maine, she decides it’s time to start becoming an active part of the community.  Until now only a select few would dare address her as Charlie.
     So she signed up to help with the Christmas festivities.  Her job was setting up the statues and hay for the manger and untangling the lights.  She was pretty well set but the lights were giving her trouble and she just couldn’t put the baby Jesus on the hard hay with no cover on it.  So, until she could find something she had him in a box and was talking to him since there was no one else and it had been a while. 
     She started telling him about the injustice of having to work out in the freezing cold and then about her fantasy boyfriend that she sees at lunch.  Then she tells him that he works on the docks and that he has to be new to town since he has not shown up as one of her patients.  Which works for dating purposes. 
     When someone with a deep smooth voice asks her who she is talking to?  Scaring the heck out of her.  When she turns she doesn’t even realize that picked up the baby doll and secured it like a football.  When she turns around…her lustful dream man had come to life.  Dave Ricker as he introduced himself.  Ex-Navy SEAL.  Who now works on the docks on boats.  He is even bigger and sexier in person so it throws Charlie.  So much it throws her off her game and makes her speechless.  Not to mention she is not sure she knows if he heard what she told the doll so she is heating up from the inside out.
     He finds out she’s the doc all the guys on the dock call “pit bull.”  They say she is all business.  She seems shy and soft spoken to him.  He can’t get over how beautiful she is and how tiny and petite.  She lets him know about a tree lighting the next night they kind of make plans to both be there.  After the lighting they decide to go to the bar with friends for drinks.  As they are walking past the church with the manger Dave sees something out of corner of his eye.  He walks to the manger and finds a baby and walks back to Charlie on the sidewalk and says, “We have a problem.”  She goes into “pit bull” mode.  Which turns him on.  It shows her confidence, concern, giftedness, and love for children.
     See how they resolve the issue with the abandon baby.  Will this make or break a new relationship?  What secret will be revealed to Charlie on this night that Dave hadn’t told?  You will get totally invested with this couple and the community as I did I am sure.  You won’t want to
see how they work through it all.  I give this 5 stars.

Christmas with the Billionaire Rancher
I had read this before in a review and had given it 5 stars.

Overall I give this 5 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at:

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