THE COWBOY AND THE KID (Tanner Brothers Book 4)

THE COWBOY AND THE KID                         ANNE McALLISTER

Having a father is a big responsibility.
And finding him a wife is a challenge eight-year-old Becky Jones takes seriously. Ex-rodeo cowboy Taggart Jones is adamant. No marriage. Been there. Done that.

Not even if Becky's dream candidate is her beautiful, blonde teacher, Felicity Albright, who knows about barrettes, patching up scrapes, and hates carrots as much as his daughter. Taggart’s still not interested. Much.

What's a daughter to do? Becky’s nothing if not ingenious, and she’s determined to convince a stubborn Taggart and a bemused Felicity that they really have met their match.

The Tanner Brother series
Book 1: Cowboys Don't Cry
Book 2: Cowboys Don't Quit
Book 3: Cowboys Don't Stay
Book 4: The Cowboy and the Kid
Book 5: Cowboy Pride

     It is a sure fire for sure.  That the minute you tell yourself over and over again, “I’m not going to ever…,” you end up doing just that.  Just ask poor old Taggart Jones.
     A single, thirty-two-year-old, father of an eight-year old daughter.  Who by the way he has been raising her since his ex-left them which Becky was two months old.  Then, he started taking her down the road, as they say, with him and his best friend, Noah Tanner.  The two guys were a tag team when it came to her.  Two years ago, it changed when she started first grade and school full-time.  Becky hated it.  His parents watched her.
     That December two years ago, after Nationals he had won!  It had been snowing when a semi clipped them in Noah’s vehicle.  The two men ended up in the hospital.  He changed.  Both men retired and opened Bronc and bull riding school on Taggart’s ranch.  Becky after a while saw a longing in her daddy’s eyes.  He was missing having someone for himself like Noah had.  So, she was going to help him by playing matchmaker.  But, who?  Everyone had lived there forever.
     When on her first day of school she meets a new teacher to the school and also a new resident to Elmer.  Was she ever happy.  Let the matchmaking begin.  Once it does Taggart is the unhappy one in this triangle.  Her teacher Felicity Albright is finally getting back into the land of the living after mourning her husband for the last two years.  And kind of likes Taggart but he fights her at every turn.  So, she just wants to back off but fate has other plans or is that Becky???

     This was a very cute story of fear playing a big part in our lives.  If we aren’t ready for an adventure to the unknown, we might miss out on the things that bring us back to the land of the living.  I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at:

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