THE ONE                                                            KRISTIN VAYDEN

When your best friend is also your boss, ‘great ideas’ aren’t always optional.
After all, when you run the largest fashion, gossip and trend blog in the country, you got to take risks to keep it edgy.
Believe me. This is edgy.
The idea? For one week, date every male fantasy.
The list?
The Jock
The Rock star
The Billionaire
The Stepbrother

See how they are all crossed off except one? That’s because he’s Satan.
And Scottish.
And my best friend’s stepbrother.
And there may or may not have been an incident in Jr. high that he hasn’t forgiven me for…but that’s history.
Or so I hope, because I’m at his mercy for the next week…

     What an absolutely fun story to read.  The right blend of everything you want in a romance but most of all love, respect, and humor.  These characters are well rounded with a fullness for life.
     You have two best friends Roxi and Meredith.  They have known each other since kindergarten.  They have always been partners in crime.  With Roxi the master mind and Meredith the one holding the bag.  Sometimes it was fun others not so much, but always a great story to laugh about later.  So, worth it to Meredith in the end since she always tended to take the safe bets.
     Roxi and Meredith started a business together having to do with women, book reviews, dating advice, fashion, and so much more.  Roxi came up with this idea to check with her audience by doing a poll on which type of guy has the most sex appeal.  The top ones were the Jock, the Billionaire, the Rockstar, the Alpha Male, and the Stepbrother.
     The interesting thing was she wanted to set up dates with guy just like this and write about them.  Meredith thought that sounded wonderful since 85% of the women had responded to the idea.  The catch she wanted Meredith to be the one to date them.  Then, to write the article.  At first, she said no.
     Then, Roxi said, “You, kind of have to, I’m your boss.” since Meredith is a CPA and does the books.  So, she agrees.  Meredith says great I just sent you a number of you first date who will be calling you.  She wasn’t happy.  The first three dates were flops and scary she was going to quit until…
     Roxi said the billionaire and step brother fell through.  So, the only ones she could find was at the very location she always wanted to travel to, Scotland.  Let’s just say she didn’t quit.  The billionaire turned into a millionaire and she was told to pack that the stepbrother would be picking her up.  No name given.  When he arrives, all was going good on sight for both of them.   There was an instant attraction by their smiles.  Until, he asked her name.  Then, he was pissed.
     She had no clue what was going on until she stopped him and made him talk to her.  Asking his name and if they knew each other?  He laughed not a fun one either.  Saying, “Merry your friend Roxi signed you over to the devil.”  “Kirby?”  She says.  Pissing him off more.  Because no one in Scotland calls him that they call him Church.

     From here things become only funny beyond words.  The bantering and teasing are so funny and endearing.  Yet, the quiet vulnerable moments they both have are so worth it.  I give this 5 ++++ stars.  Provided by the author for an honest review.  Follow us at:

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