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Construct 11 is a building where the surviving population of the final global war have come to live. The Leadership that emerged from the war created the perfect structure for the survivors to be safe from poverty, sickness, and starvation.
Locked behind the walls of Construct 11 for their safety, the survivors thrived. Four generations have been born within the walls with everything they have ever needed provided for them.
Now the true cost of their perfect society is being realized. Will they be able to hold their community together or will the knowledge of the truth disintegrate the framework of their existence?

Prologue - Final Journal Entry

Cycle 4
They told us we would be safe.  They said they would provide shelter, food and medicine.
The war had been devastating.  It started so far away and then it came to us.  We had been unprepared to fight for our homes.  There was so much death, so much suffering.  Our comfortable lives were gone.  We had to learn to survive.
For so many years we scavenged to make shelters, struggled to scratch farms into the ground.  When they came, we left all of that behind us.
I wish I had never come.  I wish I had stayed, run, hidden.
But I had to take care of my family and the lure of safety was tremendous.
We walked for days.  So many were sick and others were dying.  There were fights over food, water and, in some cases, our very lives.  One woman killed my wife over scraps of food.  I wasn't able to bury her.  We were forced to leave her there, on the side of the road.
I should have run away then, snuck away in the night.
But I had my children.  I wanted them to be safe.
When we first arrived, I thought things would be better.  We had food and medicine.  I stepped forward to help lead the large number of people in the cramped building.  I helped to establish the rules.  We would live together in an honest society where all were taken care of.
But life wasn't all that they promised.  Yes, there was shelter, food and medicine.  But it came at a price.  We became slaves.
They locked us in.
It was for our safety.  It was for peace and order.
There were those that rebelled.  I am the last of them.
This morning, I go to trial for treason against the very society I helped establish.  I can't run now.
I fear I will be dead by the end of the day.
David Stevens

Correctness Guidelines
Construct 11, City 4, Nation State 12
Construct Established Cycle 1
Governance Ratified Cycle 4
Amended Cycle 5
Amended Cycle 6  Cycle 7  Cycle 8   9

1.   The Leadership will govern the Construct.  No other being will dictate the rules and regulations thereof.
2.   For the safety of the beings living within the Construct, none will speak of or enter into the Outside.
3.   Treasonous speaking or acts thereof, against the Leadership, the Construct, or the executors of these Guidelines, will result in Easement.
4.  In exchange for shelter, food, medication and instruction provided by the Leadership, all beings will work six days for every seven.  On the seventh day, with minor exceptions for kitchen and medical staff, all beings will be allowed a rest day.  Exceptions will receive a rest day on a separate day based on staffing needs.
5.   The invigilators will patrol the Construct, offering guidance on the proper execution of these Guidelines, under the direction of the Head Councilmember.  Beings of the Construct will not argue or otherwise show disrespect towards said invigilators.
6.   No being will harm another being in any way.
7.   Once beings have reached the age of maturity, 18, every being will partner with only one being of the opposite sex.  Mating with any being other than a partner is prohibited.  Each pair of beings will produce one offspring only.  Violations of this rule will not be tolerated.
8.   Stealing will not be permitted.  Thieves will be sentenced to Easement.
9.   Honest dealings with every being are expected.  Dishonesty will be dealt with harshly.
10. Personal belongings will be reduced to required materials only.  The population will be allowed to retain their current level of belongings but inheritance will not be allowed.
11.  The age of beings within the Construct will be numbered no higher than 80. 79. 78. 77 76  75

Saturday, Week 52, Day 6, Cycle 88

The metal hanger scraped against the bar as Dan pushed it to the side.  The distinctive sound grated against his already frayed nerves.
He muttered under his breath as he grabbed the next one, pulling it out slightly to see which pair of pants it was.  He frowned.  It wasn't the ones he was looking for.  "Where are they?" he grumbled as he shoved the hanger back into the closet.
"Rita," he hollered, "do you know where my favorite pants are?"
There was no answer.  Dan looked toward the bathroom door.  It was closed.  She didn’t hear him.
He stared at the closet again.  "Why do all the clothes have to be brown?" he murmured impatiently.
But was it the clothes?  He'd been feeling this way for quite a few days now.  He couldn't pinpoint why or when it began, but he did know it had been there for a week or two… or three.  And it seemed like everything was annoying, including the color of his clothes.
He pulled out the hanger he had just put back.  He sighed as he removed the pants, chiding himself for complaining about something he couldn't change.  Every regular being in Construct Eleven wore brown clothes and he was no different.  There was no sense in getting upset about it.
Steam drifted into the hallway as Rita opened the bathroom door.  She emerged through the billows, rushing into the bedroom.  With quick movements, she began making Dan's bed.
He watched her as she worked.  She was as slender as she had been when they partnered eighteen cycles ago.  She had her long, medium brown hair pulled back in a low bun like normal.  Even though she was beginning to show some signs of growing older, he still found her beautiful.
"I can do that Rita," he told her as he shoved a leg into his pants.
Glancing over her shoulder, she scoffed at him.  "As long as we’ve been together, Dan, I have always made your bed.  It's what I do."
"Okay.  It doesn't mean I can't do it, though."
"I know."  She stood and gave him a half smile.  She was average in height, but barely came to his shoulder.
Dan sucked in his gut as he tried to fasten his pants.  "Do you know where my other pants are?"
"I've already sent them to the laundry this morning.  This has been the only opportunity I've had recently to get them in the wash."
"Oh.  Well… they fit me the best."  Dan fussed with his shirt, making sure it was still tucked in.
"You should go to the exercise rooms more often.  Your pants will fit better."
Dan grimaced at her but she didn't see it.  She had gone back to making his bed.  "I was speaking more of the length."  He was taller than most beings in the Construct.  His head almost brushed the doorframes when he passed through them.
She began making her own bed.  "Well, it still wouldn't hurt.  You're almost to the midpoint of your existence.  That stomach won't go away as quickly as it used to."
Rita almost sounded angry.
Ignoring her comment, he pulled on the cuffs of his shirt.  They always seemed too short.
He watched her for another moment, fretting over the small wrinkles at the foot of her bed.  Maybe to others, she would be simply trying to create a perfect surface.  But Dan knew her better than that.  She was avoiding conversation with him, just in case they talked about what she didn't want mentioned.
Dan tried to break the sudden tension.  "Listen, I was thinking."
"Yes?" she asked as picked up his pajamas from the floor.
He gave her a weak smile.  "Sorry," he said, as he gently pulled them from her hands.  "I was thinking maybe we could spend some time together tonight.  We could go to the Entertainment Floor.  Maybe we could get wild and spend some credits on something we don’t need."
Her smile was quick, forced.  "That sounds nice, Dan.  But uh…."
She seemed nervous as she looked around the room.  She bent over to pick up a stray sock.  As she stood again, she said, "You know how tired I get."
He tried to catch her eyes, but she avoided his gaze.  She took his pajamas from his hands and stepped towards the closet.
Dan pressed his lips together as she walked past him.  They hadn't spent an evening together in… Dan couldn't remember.  As he stepped over to his bed, he tried again.  "Perhaps you could make an exception.  I'd like to spend some time with you."
Her response had a snappy tone.  "You know I need to follow my routine.  If I don't, I won't be able to sleep.  That just makes the next day horrible."
The combination of her response and his cross mood had eroded his patience.  As he sat on the bed to put on his shoes, he decided to break the self-imposed ban on what upset her the most.  "You didn't need the pills in the past."
“Dan, we’ve had this discussion before.”
He clenched his jaw to control the anger that filled his head.  “You’ve been taking more.”
"I refuse to argue with you!"  She stomped the few steps from the closet to the bedroom door.  Two more steps and she was in the bathroom.  She slammed the door, shaking the adjoining wall of the small sleeping room they shared.
“Did you think I didn’t notice?” he called after her.
Dan rubbed his forehead to ease the headache that was forming.  He exhaled slowly to calm his emotions.  Once he left their accommodations, he would need them under control.  In order to abide by the Correctness Guidelines, emotions weren't sanctioned in public areas.
Through the wall, he could hear her rifling in the medicine cabinet.  His jaw clenched again as he realized she wouldn't be joining him for anything.
Dan stood and stepped to the long mirror on the closet door.  As he straightened his shirt, he took a closer look at himself.  His stomach was rounder than it had been in cycles past, protruding slightly over his pants.  Gray had started to appear randomly in his dark brown hair.  Fine lines were deepening the olive skin around his mouth and eyes.  Perhaps Rita was right, maybe he should spend some time in the exercise rooms.
He shook his head at the thought.  He hated exercising.
Dan reached back into the closet and removed the one piece of color that only he was allowed to wear.  He placed the medium blue stole around his neck, the symbol of his role as Head Councilmember.  It was similar to the color of the evening sky and draped almost to his knees.
As he tugged on the tails, he felt the mental shift that always happened when he placed it on his shoulders.  All the responsibility he carried as Head Councilmember steeled his thoughts and gave him focus.  He let the frivolities and irritations of his everyday existence slide away.
To say he led the Construct was an overstatement, in his opinion.  The Leaders were the beings that governed.  The Council simply executed their rules and instructions.  His job was to oversee the Council, to make sure the rules were being followed and to handle any infraction.  The Leaders did not appreciate having to deal with mere rule-breaking.  In the ten cycles Dan had been Head Councilmember, he had never requested their assistance.  He was proud of that fact.
Rita reappeared from the bathroom.  "Is Daniel up yet?"  She seemed calmer.
Dan stepped into the doorway of their sleeping area.  He tugged on his cuffs again.  "I haven't seen him."
"Well, we still have a little bit of time."
"We do, but his ration starts in twenty minutes."
"When did Daniel's ration change?"  Alarm filled her voice.
Dan gave her a strange look.  "You don't remember?"
"What do you mean?"
"It changed when he turned fifteen, nearly two cycles ago."
Daniel’s door popped open and he appeared.  He seemed surprised to see the two of them outside his door.
“Good.  You’re up.”  Dan looked him over quickly.  He seemed to have grown overnight.  He was almost up to Dan’s nose.
It impressed Dan how much he looked like Rita.  Daniel’s medium brown hair was tussled like he had just gotten out of bed.  He had her light colored skin and her round face.  His mouth seemed to produce her smile.  But Dan was never sure where Daniel got his bright blue eyes.  Both he and Rita had brown.
Daniel put his bookbag over his shoulder.  “Yes.  I wanted to speak with Paul before ration.”
Dan's jaw twitched at the mention of the elderly male's name.  “I see.”
Dan cleared his throat as he stepped into the living area.  He walked purposefully over to the desk and flipped open his satchel, causing the buckles to clatter on the desktop.  He began gathering his papers and, with effort, placed them carefully into the satchel.
“You look very handsome today, Daniel,” Rita told him.
Dan glanced over his shoulder to see her brushing Daniel's hair from his forehead.  She continued, “You look so much like Dan when he was younger.  I remember when we named you.  I didn’t want to give you the same name as Dan.  But it’s turned out well.”
Daniel squirmed and shot a glance towards Dan.  Dan tried to hide his smile as he helped him out.  “You should get going, Daniel, or you’ll be late.”
“Yes, you shouldn’t be late.”  Rita stretched up onto her tiptoes and placed a small kiss on Daniel's cheek.  “Have a good day.”
“Uh, thank you, Rita,” Daniel said as he took a few uncertain steps toward Dan.  When he got closer, he extended his hand.
Dan frowned at the meekness Daniel was showing him.  When did he become so scary that his own offspring was timid approaching him?  They used to have such a good relationship.  When he was little, Daniel would run to meet him when he walked through the door.  They would play and spend time quietly laughing.  What had changed so much?
Dan took Daniel's hand and shook it.  It was a custom his own male caretaker had taught him.  He had been told it was a common practice in the previous society, but because physical contact in public was discouraged in Construct Eleven, it had become a rare occurrence.
“Are we okay?”  Daniel asked as he pulled his hand back.
“Yes.”  Dan went back to his papers.
"It's just that you seem… mad at me."
As those words hit his heart, Dan pursed his lips tight.  "No, Daniel.  I guess I woke up in a bad mood today.  I apologize."
Daniel gave him a polite nod of his head.  “Have a good day then.”
"You as well," Dan said over his shoulder.
As Daniel turned to leave, Dan added, "Don’t let Paul fill your head with half-truths.  We don’t live that way anymore.”
Daniel opened the door.  Before he exited, he paused and glanced toward Dan without saying anything.  Daniel gave Dan another respectful nod and then quietly pulled the door closed.
Dan stared at the door.  He didn't like Daniel spending a lot of time with Paul, who had been teaching Daniel the old ways.  They weren’t the ideas the offspring of the Head Councilmember should be learning.  But Dan had made a promise to Paul, long before he was Head Councilmember.  It was a foolish promise to a foolish elderly male by an even more foolish young being.
Dan wished he had never made that promise.
But he always kept his word.  Even though it was driving a wedge between him and his offspring, he had never rescinded the promise.
Dan felt Rita's glare from across the room.  His skin bristled.
“Paul doesn’t mean any harm, Dan," Rita said coldly.  "He cares about Daniel, about all of us.  You used to know that.”
“Perhaps,” Dan said as he closed his satchel.  “But Paul fills Daniel’s head with notions and ideas that we have moved away from.  It’s best if Daniel focuses on the here and now, not the old ways.”
Dan exhaled hot breath as he strode towards the exterior door.  The conversations this morning had turned his foul mood even more sour.  He yanked the door open.  “I have some errands to run.  I'll see you later.”


Daniel exited the main elevators on level forty and turned right.  He looked over his left shoulder to check who might be behind him.  It appeared quiet.
Construct Eleven was a large, circular building.  The beings that occupied it resided in the upper thirty floors while they worked and played in the lower ten.  The living arrangements of the residence floors were in four concentric circles with a hollow center, so that when a being stood on the tenth floor, they could look up and see the sky.
The living quarters themselves were arranged to use the space most efficiently.  The two middle rings were backed against each other so the accommodation doors opened into one of two corridors, the inner and outer hallways.  Those were connected by four short corridors evenly spaced around the Construct, where banks of elevators could be accessed.
Pausing before entering the inner hallway, Daniel leaned forward and quickly glanced down either side of the long hallway.  There didn't seem to be any being coming from either direction.  He strode across the hall in three giant steps, moving to his left toward Paul's accommodation.
Once he was across the hall, he restrained his steps to keep from rushing.  He didn't want to be caught running in the corridors.
His caution proved to be warranted.  As he passed the first door on his right, an invigilator appeared from around the bend in the hallway.
The sight of it made him freeze.
Keep your head down, he told himself.  It’s just on patrol and you’re not doing anything wrong.  Now walk.
It strolled toward him.  Its white, leather boots creaked as it approached.  The golden faceplate of its helmet followed Daniel as they passed by each other.  He was fairly certain there was another being inside the white armor, but he wasn’t sure.  He’d never seen a face or any amount of skin.
Daniel shifted his eyes to the floor as he took slow, plodding steps.  He didn’t want to give the invigilator an opportunity to sting him.  He'd never been stung before and he wanted to keep it that way.  He had heard the stings and the resulting burns could be very painful.
The creaking of boots faded.  Daniel glanced behind him to see an empty corridor.  The invigilator must’ve turned by the elevators to patrol the outer ring.  Daniel exhaled a sigh of relief and picked up his pace.
A few doors later, he stopped and knocked softly on Room 4005.
The door opened a crack and a pair of eyes peeked through.  They lit up with a smile just before the door opened, revealing the gray-haired Diana, Paul’s partner.
“Daniel, how nice to see you!” Diana exclaimed.
He couldn't hide his smile as he stepped through the door.  “It’s pleasant to see you as well.”
“Come, give me a hug.”
Daniel bent over to embrace the small, elderly female.  She patted his shoulders before releasing him.  “I’ll get Paul.  Make yourself at home.”
“Thank you, Diana,” Daniel said as she turned toward the sleeping rooms.  He loved spending time with them.  Diana was kind and gentle.  She always seemed to have something positive to say.  Paul always had interesting things to talk about, usually concerning how things used to be, or he had some old artifact to show Daniel.
Paul and Diana’s accommodation was identical to Daniel’s.  In fact, they were identical to every other living arrangement in the Construct.  Each one had a living area, usually furnished with couches and chairs, a small table and chair set, desks and bookshelves.  There were always two sleeping rooms, one for the adult partners and one for the single offspring.  Those rooms were separated by a small bathroom.
However, Paul and Diana had far more belongings in their accommodation than he did.  The walls in Daniel’s living area were bare.  The bookshelves held only the mandatory reading for the beings.  There were no pictures or any other decorations to make it more interesting.  Their accommodation was the very model of what the Correctness Guidelines required them to look like.  Dan insisted on it.
That’s one of the many reasons Daniel enjoyed being in their living area.  On the walls hung several paintings, some of the Outside.  Even though Paul had explained them hundreds of times, they were still mysterious to Daniel.  There were old pictures of beings Daniel didn’t know.   Paul called them his family, but Daniel could never quite grasp the meaning of the word or how the beings were part of that.  Small statues of animals Daniel was certain didn’t exist anymore populated the shelves along with a large variety of books.  He was sure most of them were forbidden.  How Paul managed to keep them was puzzling.
There were overstuffed pillows and vibrant blankets everywhere.  Every color existed in this one room and Daniel loved it.  Their living area felt alive and inviting while his felt cold and sterile.
But what he loved most was the window.  No other being that Daniel knew of had a window in their living area.  It was large and constituted almost the entire Inner Wall.  Paul once told Daniel the Leaders had built walls to cover all the windows when he was a small child.  Somehow, Paul had managed to remove the wall and keep it a secret.  He said he was able to keep the secret because no being ever came to visit him.  Daniel suspected it had something to do with the large, dark blue blankets that would sometimes cover the window.  Diana called them drapes and they seemed to melt into the rest of the unusual decorations of the room.
Since Paul’s window looked out into the hollow center of the Construct, there really wasn’t anything interesting to look at, just the other side of the building.  Daniel could see the covered windows of the other rooms, black and lifeless.  However, if he pressed his body up tight against the window and peered down just right, he could just barely see the Great Sky Area on the tenth floor.
What was most interesting about the window didn’t have anything to do with the Construct, but what was above it, the sky.  On the rare occasion when Daniel could visit in the afternoon, he could see the yellow disk as it moved down.  Beautiful colors would emerge as it disappeared behind the walls.  Sometimes the colors were pale shades of blue and orange and at other times, when there were clouds, bright shades of red, pink, orange and yellow would materialize.  A being might be able to see the clouds in those colors from the Great Sky Area, if they were lucky.  But, that view could never compare to what could be seen from Paul's window.
Paul called it a sunset.  Daniel had never heard any other being speak of it.  He was so amazed when he first saw one, he had mentioned it to Dan, who didn’t seem to understand what Daniel was talking about.  He was told never to speak of it again.
Daniel couldn’t understand how he could forget about something so beautiful.  Paul told him it was more magnificent in the Outside, on the other side of the walls.  But going into the Outside was forbidden, so seeing a sunset that way would be impossible for Daniel.  Watching them from inside the Construct would have to suffice.
A relaxing feeling spread through him as he got closer to the window.  The sky was a brilliant, soft blue this morning.  Light, puffy clouds skirted the edge of his view.  It was strange, it almost seemed too bright.  Daniel wasn't sure why, but things seemed clearer lately, like he had just woken up from a deep sleep.  He couldn't explain it.
A hand touched Daniel’s shoulder, startling him. “Daniel, I’m glad….”
“Paul!” Daniel breathed as he turned to face the elderly male.  He recovered quickly and flashed him a wide grin.
Paul’s cheeks were ruddy and round.  His brown eyes glistened behind his circular glasses.  The overhead light reflected off his bald head.  “It seems you were lost in thought.”
“Oh, yes.  I was thinking about the sunset.  I wish I could see it every evening.”
Paul sat in the oversized easy chair to the right of Daniel.  “Yes, it's nice to see.  What brings you around these parts today?”
Daniel stepped to the couch and sat on the edge, leaning forward onto his knees.  “I had another dream this morning.”
“Oh, I see.” Paul gave him a knowing smile.  “Was it in color again?”
“I find it amazing that you have these colorful dreams.  They seem to be increasing in frequency.  Refresh my memory about how long you've been having them.”
     Daniel thought for a moment.  “Well, I’ve been having these dreams  for over three cycles now, but they’ve picked up in the last four weeks or so.”
“And your dream was of the Outside?”
     “Yes.  It was very strange.  I was there, in the Outside, and there were several brown buildings around me.  Far away, the golden-haired female stood, watching me.  Behind me were some of the male Sixteens.  I heard someone yelling for Molly… I think that's her name.  And then there was a really loud sound and the ground began shaking.  Some being pulled on my arm and told me to run.  As I started running, a building between me and the golden-haired female fell."
Paul blinked a few times as he took in the information.  “That’s impressive.  You think the female is named Molly?"
Daniel hesitated.  He knew what Paul would say about her.  “Yes.  I don't know a Molly, so it makes sense."
A quizzical look washed over Paul’s face.  "If you don't know a Molly, where do you think you'd meet one?"
Daniel shrugged.  "I don't know."
"I don't either."
"So, you still think that the female in my dreams is your female caretaker.”
Paul turned his head to look at the picture on the wall.  Daniel followed his eyes.  Paul had told him several times who the beings in the picture were:  his caretakers, Catie and Joey.  They both lived in the Outside before the Construct was founded.  She had golden, curly hair, just like the female in Daniel’s dreams.
“Yes, I do think it’s her.  I think she’s trying to give you a message.”
Daniel shook his head in frustration.  He wasn't as certain.  “What message?”
"That’s what you have to figure out.”
“But I’ve never seen the face of the female in my dream.  How do I know it’s her?”  Daniel said as he pointed to the picture on the wall.
“Do you know any other females with that color of hair?”
He hated arguing with Paul.  “No.”
Diana emerged from one of the sleeping rooms.  “I hate to interrupt your conversation, but it's almost seven.  Daniel will be late for morning ration if he doesn’t get going.”
“Thank you, Diana.”  Paul pulled back on the arms of the chair and hoisted his body.  “Daniel, please come back tomorrow.”
Surprised, Daniel said, “But tomorrow’s Age Change Day.  I don’t know if I can.”
“Yes, I know.  I’ll work something out with Dan.  Please come around four.”
“Can I come tonight?”
“No, Diana and I will be spending tonight alone.”
“Oh.”  Daniel tried to hide his disappointment.  He wanted to see another sunset.
Diana smiled as she reached out to hug Daniel.  “How old will you be tomorrow, Daniel?”
He leaned in and gave her a small hug.  “I’ll be a Seventeen.”
“OH!” she exclaimed as she patted his shoulder.  She pulled back and grinned.  “You’ll be old enough to court!”
     Paul gave him a smile.  “Be careful, Daniel.  You never know who the Council will pick for you.”
Diana giggled, “Shame on you, Paul!”  She gave him a playful smack on his shoulder.
Paul winked at her.  "I'm just saying, if he doesn't get his choice…."  He turned his attention back to Daniel, extending his hand.  “Tomorrow, then?”
     He grimaced.  He couldn’t let Paul down.  “Of course.”
As they shook hands, Daniel thought about this simple act.  Other than Dan, there were no other beings in the Construct he shook hands with.  Somehow, it meant more with Paul.
Diana opened the door for him.  “See you soon, dear.”


Paul watched Daniel as he disappeared around the corner toward the elevators.
“Do you really want to put him through this?”  Diana was standing just inside the accommodation.
“No.  But he has a gift, Di.  He’s special.”
“It will change him.”
Paul shifted his gaze to the floor.  “I don’t see any other way.”
Silence fell between the pair for a moment.
“Do you think Dan will allow it?” Diana asked.
A grunt escaped Paul’s throat.  “He has to.  He promised.”
"Paul, please don't tell Daniel."
"Tell him what?"
"Who we are."
Paul glanced over at his partner.  He knew the look on her face—she was troubled.  Paul felt powerless, there was nothing he could do to help her feel better.  It was this place they lived in, this place they couldn’t escape.  "I won't," he said.  "I can't do that to him."
“I just worry about him,” Diana said, her voice full of emotion.
Reaching for her hand, he said in a low voice, “I know.  I do too.  But this is too important.”
Paul lifted his head and was about to go back through the door when movement caught his eye.  For a moment, he thought Daniel was coming back.  But it wasn’t him, it was the courier from the office.
He approached Paul right away.  “Paul?”
     “Here are your papers.”  He handed Paul two pieces of white paper, one for him and one for Diana.
“Thank you,” Paul murmured.  The gratitude didn’t matter, though, the courier was off to his next delivery.
Paul read the words and squeezed Diana’s hand.  “We have to do it Di, we have to do it for him.”

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My name is Anna Lynn Miller and I'm the author of Construct 11, Part 1, my debut novel. In my spare time, I help my husband raise our six children and spoil our granddaughter. I've found recently that I love writing and hope to produce more and more things for you to read.
I can be found on Facebook and Goodreads under Anna Lynn Miller.  Construct 11 also has a Facebook page.  I also have a frequently unattended blog at

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