LOVE TAKER (Nashville Nights #3)

LOVE TAKER                                  ERIN MC CARTHY

The Nashville Nights series is burning up backstage in this sensual friends-to-lovers novel featuring a good-guy cop and a woman who’s been looking for Mr. Right in all the wrong places.

Pretty-boy musicians are a fixture of the Nashville country scene—and Elle Hart, a hairdresser to the stars, is beginning to think that they’re all total pricks. Elle’s dating choices have been a disaster, but at least she has Tucker. Though he’s easy on the eyes, no one would ever accuse Jason Michael Tucker of being a pretty boy. The humble and handsome sheriff's deputy from Elle’s hometown has always been there to comfort her—until the evening their friendship unexpectedly leads to the best sex Elle has ever had.

Tucker has been lusting after Elle since they were an item as teens, but he knows that their wild night of passion is a one-time thing. He’s an old friend, nothing more, and they’re too different to become a couple just because they’ve knocked boots. After all, she hates being back in their hometown, and he’s not so fond of the big city. But when Elle comes to Tucker with news that changes everything, he must help her come to grips with her traumatic past—or risk losing her forever.

     Really enjoyed this short read.  It was a fun story about two high school sweethearts who only stopped being together because Elle Hart head moved away.  You see her dad Billie was the town drunk who used to beat their mother, them and left them with little to no money for food.  It wasn’t until he was locked up that they got away.  Their home was a shack.
     Somehow, her mom got herself and the children away to Nashville.  Where their lives change for the better.  Elle’s sister, Jolene, becomes a country star, Shane her brother, a music producer, and Elle a hairdresser and makeup artist to the stars.  The only thing that came with her from her hometown that she cherished was her friendship with her former boyfriend Jason Michael Tucker.
     Tucker stayed in the small town in Kentucky that they grew up in and has now become a sheriff.  He really loves his job and right up next to that would be the love he has still for Elle.  Although, he would never have the nerve to tell her.  You see for the last 12 years Elle had used Tucker as her go-to guy when she has a problem with other guys.  As a sounding board, if you will.
     The hardest calls were when she called about other guys.  On this night, Elle calls and she’s in tears.  Which sets his red flags flying.  Elle is never in tears.  Even when she had fallen out of a tree, not a tear fell from her eyes.  But when she started comparing herself to her mother he knew something was terribly wrong.  His Elle was in trouble a terrible depression of some sort.
     She said the guy had called her bitchy and that he was only out with her because she was Jolene’s sister.  Basically, using her.  Ouch!  Her ego took a direct hit.  Not to mention he said she was a bad kisser.  He knew for sure that was a lie.
     When she was on overload she hung up on Tucker.  Balled her eyes out and headed for bed.  But couldn’t be in the bed all alone.  It would only reinforce how lonely she really was.  So, the couch it was.  When all of a sudden there was banging at her door.  Then there was texting on her phone holy mother.  What was happening?  Then the banging again.  When she opened the door, there stood Tucker.  He had driven four hours at midnight to come and check on her.  You got it check on her.  He was that worried.
     She was still tired and he hadn’t slept either after a little talking with only one bed they went to go to bed together.  But first, she asks him to kiss her.  He goes pale and says not a good idea just being friends.  Then they go for it. OH! LORDY!
     You need to get this book to see where they go from here.  More than BFF’s?  You will never know unless you read.

I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by:  Follow us at:

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