PROTECT ME, COWBOY (78th Copper Mountain Rodeo #2)

PROTECT ME, COWBOY                                    SHELLI STEVENS

With his competing days behind him, Wyatt Marshall has settled into ranching life in Marietta, Montana. But with the Copper Mountain Rodeo, his only exception, just around the corner, the last thing he needs is a distraction – especially one in the form of a pretty, yet vaguely familiar country singer. 

For Claire Miller, it's been almost a year since she fled Las Vegas with only her purse and the clothes on her back, and she's been laying low in Montana with a new image. When she and her country band travel to perform in the small town of Marietta, she doesn't plan on getting stranded there for several days. Or for an innocent offer to stay at a nearby ranch to turn out to be more than she bargained for: she recognizes its owner to be the same sexy cowboy she got hot and heavy with – then stood up – in Vegas. 

With the passion flaring between them and Wyatt getting closer to putting the pieces together, Claire is ready to run again, not knowing the danger that sent her fleeing in the first place is close on her heels. 

The 78th Copper Mountain Rodeo series 
Book 1: Catch Me, Cowboy by Jeannie Watt 
Book 2: Protect Me, Cowboy by Shelli Stevens 
Book 3: Want Me, Cowboy by Sinclair Jayne 
Book 4: Love Me, Cowgirl by Eve Gaddy

     This is a story about Wyatt Marshall the one-third partner of his families ranch that he owns with his sister Kate and brother Cal.  He is an ex-champion roper in the rodeo.  Which now he only does the local one in Marietta, Montana calls the Copper Mountain Rodeo.
     Wyatt loved living in Montana.  When he won his last and final championship just after his father passed, that night when he won, he went for a quiet drink alone.  At a bar in Vegas, he happened to meet a lounge singer there by the name of Sin.  She was a rock singer.  Totally different from him but that was okay by him.  She was not a bad singer at all.  Even though he did like country.
     They hit it off and he even asked her to dinner.  Back at his hotel while he was on the phone upgrading his room he gave her money for the gift shop and said to meet in the room.  He went up to his room she went to the gift shop.  She never showed to his room.  He sat there stewing till early morning nearly missing his flight.
     A year has passed and he can’t stop thinking about her and her, him.  But he has to and vice versa.  He doesn’t even know her real name.  Not that he would look.  Then, he ends up at the local bar to meet up with his brother who called and runs into his sister who is waiting for a woman who needed a place to stay.   She offered one of their cabins on the ranch.  He is not happy that she did it but she said she is offering her third of the cabins so there. 
     The guest looks familiar but he can’t place her.  She has blonde curly hair but it’s her big doe eyes that seem familiar.  But it doesn’t compute.  She seems guarded but says hello.  Then as the night goes on he starts getting flashbacks of his Sin.  Could this be her?  He tries to imagine her with black hair and a lot of makeup.  But when she tries to avoid him he starts getting the picture something was really wrong. 

     Very cute story.  The situations were funny in some ways and believable.  The gossips and catty talk for the small town made me laugh.  I give this: 4 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at

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